ANNE Galing!

ANNE Galing! @xelebanne

Hang out with Anne Curtis in #ANNEgaling, the 1st celebrity mobile game in the Philippines.
Play now 💎 Text AG to 2600

Mapapasakamay mo na ang prize na ito with one last swipe! Text AG to 2600 to win and be #ANNEgaling!

Another one of @annecurtissmith's OOTD from Showtime is now available in #ANNEgaling! Text AG to 2600 now.

We're gonna dance tonight in my Empire of Pink OOTD! Now available in #ANNEgaling so text AG to 2600, everyone!

Sa #ANNEgaling, maraming prizes from @annecurtissmith ang naghihintay. Text AG to 2600 and play today!

An all-red #ANNEsemble for you, sweethearts! Do you still remember saang event ko to ginamit? Dress me up when you text AG to 2600. #ANNEgaling

Anne is a master of her game. She wanted her game to represent who she is upto the last detail! #ANNEgaling no? #XelebTurns1 #AGTurns1

Stripes kind of day in my #ANNEgaling wardrobe! Which of my new OOTDs is your fave?

Hey, sweethearts! One year ago, I launched my mobile game #ANNEgaling the same day our company, #Xeleb was launched. This year, I have bigger surprises and more #ANNEventures so wait lang kayo! <3 Happy #ANNEversary, to us @xelebgames! #XelebTurns1 #AGTurns1

Get that extra time para more #ANNEgaling moments with @annecurtissmith! Text AG to 2600.

Hey sweethearts! Naaalala niyo pa ba when I wore this sparkly dress? 💖💖 #ANNEgaling

Naku, umulan kanina ah! Keep safe sa pag-uwi, sweethearts! ❤️

So happy because one of my Showtime OOTDs is featured in #ANNEgaling. Text AG to 2600 para mabili mo na!

Isang swipe na lang at makukuha mo na ang prize, sweetheart! Text AG to 2600 to play #ANNEgaling now.

Official #ANNEventure OOTDs, anyone? Text AG to 2600 to find more in my #ANNEgaling shop!

Guess which outfits @annecurtissmith prepared for you in #ANNEgaling! Malapit na malapit niyo nang malaman!

Do you remember this outfit, sweethearts? #ANNEgaling

#ANNEGaling all day everyday, sweethearts! Text AG to 2600 to play now! 💎💖

New arrival: more #ANNEgaling OOTDs para sa inyo, madlang people! Text AG to 2600 and stay tuned! 💋💋

Pero wag kalimutan lumingon sa pinang-galingan! #ANNEgaling

That's the ultimate secret to being #ANNEgaling! Love you, sweethearts! ❤️😘

#ANNEgaling talaga ni @annecurtissmith 'cause she has lots of surprises for you, sweethearts! Abangan! ❤️

Gems pa more! Play lang ng play #ANNEgaling coz' I'm giving away prizes like cash, load and gadgets!

Pwedeng pwede if you match this time boost with gems of the same color! Text AG to 2600 now. #ANNEgaling

To make the world a good place! #ANNEgaling

To every princess, there's always a loving King. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! You're #ANNEgaling! ❤️

Ayun o, you can match that blue mystery box with 2 blue gems para manalo ng prize! #ANNEgaling

I-push niyo pa yan, sweethearts! Because you can win prizes when you play #ANNEgaling!

Onting hintay na lang, sweethearts! Payday na bukas! #ANNEgaling

Proud to be Pinoy because #ANNEgaling natin! 👍👍 Happy Independence Day, sweethearts!

I'm giving away Go Pro Hero to a lucky player of #ANNEgaling. Play na! Text AG to 2600. Go go go!

Hey sweethearts, kaya yan ng powers niyo! Text AG to 2600 to play #ANNEgaling

Kaya yan ng powers mo! Swipe for more time to play #ANNEgaling

Want more of @annecurtissmith's motivational quotes? Text SPARKLE to 2600! #Xeleb

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