Will @will.heitner

"I dont believe a player is ever a finished product" - Anthony Rizzo

I am hoping for a little atlanta Pittsburgh superbowl in Houston.

Not the outcome I was hoping for but we took second place in our tournaments. Shoutout to the blues who beat us 3-1 and 4-0 (they were a Bantam A2 gold team who was undefeated and we were peewee A3 bronze with 3 wins

National champions Clemson. I hope Chicago drafts deshuan watson in the draft. Deshuan watson national champion. (Should have been heisman winner)

14-7 Alabama going into the third. The rematch

99years ago the Chicago blackhawks and the New York rangers played the very first NHL game #99nhl #originalsix

Seahawks unleash the action green color rush uniforms for Thursday night and there awesome my favorite jerseys since the Hamas era throwback bears uniform.

Chicago Will miss you and we are glad you could witness history before you passed.

Out of all presents I get she's the cutest

#tb to my fav video on the internet


Left or right

It's over the goat was we win the world series

We will not stop winning and we will walk all over Indians. Go cubs it out time to shine

Cat is the one