Vida @vidaaaxa

Sc:viidaaxxox // 16 /// 사랑해 👅 ///الله 🗝// сахар и специи🌸






Ha lol 🌸🌸🌸

I've got one. hundred. million reasons to walk away🍂, but baby I just just need 1 good one to stay🌹

Oh it's been a hell of a ride🎢driving the edge of a knife🔪never let you go🍂never let me down🙃.

Tears on the ground👣tears on my pillow🌧you won't bring me down⚔and I'll get over you💔these tears with get me through💯.

I wrote ur name in the sky💫but the wind blew it away🌬I wrote ur name in the sand🏝but the waves washed it away🌊I wrote ur name in my heart❤️and forever it will stay👑

I'm friends with the monster that's under ma bed 😈😈