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A baby’s brain can form 1,000 new connections every second. #EatPlayLove to make each moment count!


“I love school because I have so much fun,” says Hasan, 7, who had never been to school before fleeing east #Aleppo with his family almost 2 months ago. “For the first couple of weeks Hasan didn’t speak to other children,” says his teacher. “He slowly started interacting with everyone and has gained confidence. Hasan is now one of the brightest students in his class.” Hasan is attending a UNICEF-supported school in Jibreen along with more than 600 displaced children like him. #Syria © UNICEF/Syria/2017/Al-Issa

6-year-old Huda and her friend attend Arabic class in one of 17 classrooms rehabilitated by UNICEF and other education partners in Jibreen. The makeshift school now welcomes 600 displaced children, bringing some critical structure, fun and routine into their lives. UNICEF provided the children with new school bags and stationery. #Syria © UNICEF/Syria/2017/Al-Issa

A young Syrian refugee smiles at a UNICEF-supported centre in Buyukyol, #Turkey. At the centre children are provided psychosocial support and given a chance to learn. #foreverychild, hope. © UNICEF/UN043177/Rich

So peaceful 😴. Fifteen-day old Hadjara is sound asleep while waiting to receive a vaccination against polio in Bongnani, Dosso district, #Niger. © UNICEF/UN026526/Parry

#Water is life!

There are 30 new water pumps in the Moyen-Chari region, #Chad. @unicef.chad

#Haiti: 📘 🖊️ Élodie, 7, Givelore, 8, Francesca, 6, and Érica, 8, are glad to be back in school. Three months after the devastation caused by #HurricaneMatthew most of the damaged schools have reopened. #foreverychild, education. #photooftheweek © UNICEF/UN047536/Bradley

New year, new games, new #friends! Making up #games with simple objects boosts a child’s creativity and social skills.
#EatPlayLove and check out the link in our bio for more info on why #EarlyMomentsMatter.

#Happybirthday to our Goodwill Ambassador @orlandobloom 🎉🎈. Thank you for raising your voice for children around the world.
Pictured: Orlando chats with Artem, 7, a student at a school in Myronivskyi, near the frontline in eastern #Ukraine, in 2016. #foreverychild © UNICEF/UN017934/Georgiev

Can’t stop, won’t stop... Children who play by pretending to be someone else may be able to better deal with challenges in the future.

Click on the link of our bio to find out more and #EatPlayLove.

#Iraq: Malak, 4, waits in line for life-saving emergency supplies in eastern Mosul. #foreverychild © UNICEF/UN044162/Khuzaie

Here comes the plane!
Can you imagine a world without imagination? There probably would be no books, no art, no science, no inventions, no collaborations… And it all starts at a very young age! Neuroscience confirms that when you play by pretending to be something or someone else with young children, you’re actually helping to boost their brain at an age when they are making even more connections than adults.

#foreverychild, laughter 😄. Thanks for sharing UNICEF Somalia.

🦁🐘❤️.... What will you be today?
#Play is #love! When you join in a child’s game you help their brains develop with confidence and we’re sure you’ll have fun!
#EatPlayLove because #EarlyMomentsMatter

Waiting to receive a vaccine at the health centre in #Mali ❤️. Today, give a #hug!
© UNICEF/UNI74737/Pirozzi

“I want a good future for them. I want them to be well educated and achieve the highest possible level they can.” Jamal and his daughters Fatuma, 6, Aisha, 4 and Safiya, 3. #Somalia. @unicefsomalia. © UNICEF Somalia/Sebastian Rich

Yadira Zambrano holds her sleeping infant, Elias, in Bijagual, #Ecuador. Alongside our partners we are working to reduce the levels of mosquito-borne diseases to protect children like Elias. #foreverychild, survival. When the 🌎’s most vulnerable need a champion in the face of conflict, disease or exclusion, we're there. ©UNICEF/UN025191/Troppoli

“Please remember to stand up for someone’s rights — today, tomorrow and forever.” Powerful words by Basel, 11, who was forced to flee his home in #Syria. His family was the first to be resettled on #Canada’s Prince Edward Island. The brutal Syrian conflict has forced millions of families to flee to neighbouring countries and beyond.
© UNICEF/UN045973/Gilbertson VII Photo

Our wish: #foreverychild to have the opportunity to be a child, live and thrive. What's your wish?

Basel, 11, makes a huge snowball with other children on Prince Edward Island #Canada. Basel and his family were the first Syrian family to be resettled on the island. “Just take your very important things and put them in a small bag and come with us,” Basel’s father told him when they had to flee heavy fighting in Dara’a, #Syria." It was really fast and very sad,” says Basel. It has been nearly a year since the family arrived to the island. Basel was afraid to go to Canada at first, but now considers himself Canadian-Syrian and is proud to be in the country. #Photooftheweek © UNICEF/UN045973/Gilbertson VII Photo

Syrian refugee Na'ama, 8, in the arms of her family in the #Jordan Valley. When the war reached their community Na’ama’s family fled their home where they worked as farmers. They now live in a tent in Jordan and do some work in the field but life is hard. The tent gets incredibly hot in the summer and freezing cold and wet during the winter. With our support, the three children are now attending a nearby Makani learning centre but Na’ama’s family still long for home.
© UNICEF/UN043087/Rich

Aysha, 8, waits as her parents get basic health services from mobile health and nutrition teams in rural Afar #Ethiopia. @UNICEFEthiopia ©UNICEF/2016/Tesfaye

Tell us: How do you say #love in your language?

As the #newyear begins, we want to thank you for being part of the global community who believes a better 🌎 is possible.

Ongoing fighting throughout the whole of #SouthSudan means thousands of children are now living in UN camps for protection where they are finding ways to play. Here they are making a mud replica of a UN base, including soldiers and a watchtower in the Protection of Civilian camp in Bentiu. © UNICEF/UN043962/Holt

#Mondayblues?! As the new year starts, #smile!

Thanks to UNICEF Niger for sharing.

Sometimes it’s the little things that makes us #happy. Wishing
you a great 2017!


Time flies!
As 2016 comes to an end,
today we want to thank you for all your support. #foreverychild, hope.
© UNICEF CAR/2016/Le Du

Hana, in her mother’s arms, at the Centre for Integrated Health in the Dosso District, #Niger, where she can be immunised against polio.
Health outreach programs for families living in remote areas have increased the vaccination coverage in many areas. © UNICEF/UN026564/Parr

#Photooftheweek: Sabrin, 15, a third generation Palestinian #refugee born in #Iraq, stands in her family's garden in their shelter in Baherka camp, Erbil. © UNICEF/UN046564/Khuzaie

Amina, 12, holds her little brother Abdulrahman, 2 in a displacement camp in Idlib, Syria. “My sister was killed in a shelling in our hometown. I wish she was here with me now so we can play with the snow the same way we used to do before,” Amina says. We cannot give up on the children of #Syria. We will do whatever it takes to make sure they never lose hope. #foreverychild © UNICEF/UN046836/Alwan

17,000. That's the number of children used in the conflict in South Sudan since 2013. Thousands more have been killed, abducted and sexually assaulted.
The youngest of the world’s youngest country must no longer live in fear. © UNICEF/UN043955/Holt

Families wait to have their children vaccinated at a displacement camp in Baghdad, #Iraq. A 12-day vaccination campaign is underway and aims to reach 800,000 children under the age of five. #foreverychild © @unicef_iraq/2016/Khuzaie

We're looking back at 2016 and we can’t help but smile at this photo. Little Kensley, 8-months-old, happy and healthy in #Haiti back in February. What made you #happy this year? © UNICEF/UN136958/Dormimo

Jackok, 3, eats plumpy'nut at a nutritional centre supported by UNICEF in Bentiu, #SouthSudan. This year, we’ve treated over 150,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition in the country. As conflict in the country enters its fourth year our work is more urgent than ever. © UNICEF/UN043956/Holt

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