TigerBautista #tigerdoesmyhair

TigerBautista #tigerdoesmyhair @tigerbahmb

Licensed Cosmetologist | TV Personality | Beauty Guru @DTGLAM 💇🏻✨FOLLOW my hair page @tigerdoesmyhair for images of my work


I got the 👁 of the 🐯, a fighter, dancing through the 🔥 - Katy Perry

Now that Monday is over...let's get on wit it! #GUCCI Wishing everyone a prosperous week ahead 🌴 #leggo

My fave clip of the night 😂😂😂 I stay on my phone 🐯😂 #LAHair #wetv #tigerclips @staceykutzlive @giorgiovango

The first of many, from our @dtglam #trans_formations series. We're swapping beauty secrets and helping women find their ultimate beat! #dtglam #trans_formations model: @tijuanathatbitch

Ain't that the truth. ✂️#tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

So me and my partner in shine @dzrodbeauty are working on some special projects and we can't wait to show you what we've been up to, make sure to follow us over at @dtglam 😘 for all the latest. #dtglam #trans_formations

crazy sexy cool #tigerdoesmyhair #vibes

My love is blind can't you see my desire... That's the way love goes #tigerdoesmyhair #vibes

Still in awe from the other night all the text, phone calls, face-times and everyone who showed up to my LA Hair episode 1 screening, I can't thank you enough. The outpour of love & support has been so heart warming, you all inspire to go higher and I hope that my journey will do the same for you! I love y'all so much, now go subscribe to my YouTube channel jammit! Link in my bio 😂🐯😘 #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Kimora Lee taught me... #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Join me and a few friends at @sandboxmelrose tonight at 8pm. I'd love to see your beautiful faces, come thru for a lil pre TU. #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Had such a blast last night at the @wetv @kimblehaircare LA Hair premier party, how am I even up right now! 😂🐯😘 #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Here to serve, shout to my amazing team tho! @kellonderyck killed it on hair, @dzrodbeauty beat my face downeee & my bestie / magnificent stylist @tonyfreshhh got me feeling like a trillion bucks! I love y'all so much! I can't thank y'all enough! 🐯😘 #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Clique, @wetv Hair with @kimblehaircare season 5 we out here! #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

@ysl on my spine, this moment is mine! #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair #wetv 🐯😘

ATTENTION WORLD After the show click the link in my bio!!! #tigerdoesmyhair #LAhair

Countdown begins now! The new season premier of @wetv LA Hair with @kimblehaircare airs tonight at 9/8 central, don't miss it. I love you all, thank you so much for all of your support, prayers up 🙌🏾 let's take it to the top Tigerbae's! #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Woke up feeling like... Today is all about the glow up y'all, stay tuned as I'll be posting the road to @wetv LA Hair premier with @kimblehaircare throughout day. It's going down tonight Tigerbae's! 🐯😘 #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

Dear future boo thang, please match my fly I would truly appreciate it. -Love Tiger 🐯#powercouple #goals

Live love & laugh it up, we're going live in a day tigerbaes. I can't deal lol super excited and super grateful for all of your love & support! Let's get it! #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

New Tiger Studio work uniforms just came in lol 🐯😘 #tigerdoesmyhair #mood

I can't believe we're 2 days away from the premier of LA Hair season 5. With love & light I'm truly grateful for your support, catch the full beat 1/5 on @wetv I hope you'll be tuning in. 😘 #tigerdoesmyhair #lahair

DTGLAM x Christina Milian // We had such a blast bringing in the new year with @christinamilian make sure to you follow @dtglam for the latest on all of our upcoming projects. #tigerdoesmyhair #dtglam #christinamilian

The New Year got me feeling like... Here's to growth & prosperity, wishing you all the best. Let's get it y'all. Photo: @jorafrantzis Face: @mugopus #tigerdoesmyhair

Because it's only right! Ringing in the New Year with my guys! #brosoverhoes

As you should, its New Year's Eve got jammit! #tigerdoesmyhair #dtglam

2016 was a good year for me! I learned a lot, made it through a year of re-branding myself, moving a new studio. Learning to live alone and that the hustle is real y'all! I'm looking forward to another year of growth! #tigerdoesmyhair #dtglam #bestnine

Literally 5 days until the new season premier of LA Hair with @kimblehaircare so many emotions racing through my body, truly grateful for this amazing opportunity. Can't wait for y'all to see me in action 🐯*tiger scratch emoji lol. // Tune into @wetv January 5th to watch it all pop off! #tigerdoesmyhair

Stay wavy... Just a little before & after for you to get into. If your interested in booking an appointment to get that 2017 new new hit the contact button in my bio. #tigerdoesmyhair #colorcorrection

Double tap if you were that kid in elementary school that was too grown and knew all the lyrics to this song. *raises hand 🙋🏽‍♂️#tigerdoesmyhair

"You work mo body than Jane Fonda, physical fitness Mary Blige be my witness - Lil Kim" #tigerdoesmyhair

January 5th were going in on @wetv for the newest season of LA hair with the fly @kimblehaircare will you be tuning in? You betta, you betta... #tigerdoesmyhair

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