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Bravery beyond borders. The first Refugee Olympic Team at the #Rio2016 Olympic Games inspires the world. Support #TeamRefugees, stand #WithRefugees

#TeamRefugees is a story of love. Camila’s first love was basketball. After a series of injuries her trajectory was put on hold, but she never let that stop her. “Our past is only a part of us, our dreams define our future.” A love for your craft, for your sport, for your life can give you the strength to overcome what once seemed impossible. #InspiredByTR

Yiech Pur Biel ran in the 800m heat. He didn't make the final, but he's got his eye on #Tokyo2020! #TeamRefugees #InspiredbyTR #RefugeeOlympicTeam #WithRefugees

#TeamRefugees is a story of perseverance. “Seeing these refugees still believe in themselves enough to be on this stage makes me feel good about my journey, and all our journeys.” Jacy trained every day of his life in hopes of becoming an NFL player. His dreams were crushed when he was rejected, but he never took rejection as defeat. Now a successful professional trainer, the perseverance of #TeamRefugees now fuels his fire to inspire others to achieve their goals. #InspiredByTR

War in Syria took this swimmer's leg, but it couldn't take his dreams. We're delighted to share the news that Ibrahim has been selected to compete at the Rio Paralympics! 👏👏👏 “When I found out I would be competing in the Games, I was so happy I couldn’t sit still. It was a wonderful feeling", Ibrahim said, on learning he is going to the Paralympic Games as a member of the first Independent Paralympic Athletes Team.
Read the full story here ( and join us in wishing Ibrahim and the team good luck for #Rio2016! ------------------------------
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The first ever refugee Olympic team made its historic debut in the Olympics this summer in Rio de Janeiro, shattering negative stereotypes and giving hope to millions of refugees around the world.
They might have not won medals, but they leave Rio winners…with honours of courage, passion and unity. The best of the Olympic spirit. You can honour the Refugee Olympic Team by writing your name on this petition, to stand #WithRefugees everywhere - --------------------------------------------#TeamRefugees #refugeeolympicteam #OlympicGames #olympicheroes #olympicdream #rio2016 #refugees #refugeeteam #sport #swimmer #runner #judoka #athletics

Go Yonas! Our final #TeamRefugees competition - Yonas will do us proud in the marathon today - 9.30am Rio time. Please tune in and cheer!

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Instead of running from something, there's something to run toward.
Ethiopian + #TeamRefugees marathon runner Yonas will compete in the #Rio2016  marathon this Sunday at 9:30 Rio Time!

#marathon #olympics #refugees #running #inspiration #athlete

Celebrating #TeamRefugees in Rio by adding to the city's 'Olympic Boulevard' with the help of @eixorio.

Paulo's mom never dreamed her sacrifice could lead him to Olympic glory.
“My message to him is run so well that he can come back here and assist me, and help build our nation.”
Mary Nangoro is a proud mother to Paulo, who ran in the Men's 1500m event yesterday. Thank you for cheering for Paulo and ‪#‎TeamRefugees‬!
#Rio2016 #SouthSudan #Kenya #Olympic

"Even though I was last, I believe that next time I will be in front of them - the other competitors. ”
Anjelina Lohalith, one of #TeamRefugees 10 athletes, has not seen her parents since she was six years old and was forced to flee her home in southern Sudan. Now she dreams of winning the 1500m, being reunited with her parents and entering more international athletics competitions to earn money to build her mum and dad a house.
Anjelina, you're an inspiration.

The world is standing with #TeamRefugees from Rio to Paris to Berlin as the faces of these brave Olympians are popping up everywhere. Refugees around the world need our love, compassion & protection. Support #TeamRefugees and stand for peace.

"Most refugees have lost everything. But when someone give us a chance, we can change our lives." Yiech knew early on that if he wanted to make it in life, he would have to do so on his own. Forced to flee the fighting in southern Sudan in 2005, he ended up on his own in a refugee camp in northern Kenya. He started playing football there, but grew frustrated at having to rely so much on his teammates. With running he felt greater control over his own destiny.
We're so proud of how far you've come and how fast you've run to get where you are, Yiech.
#TeamRefugees #Rio2016 #Olympic #SouthSudan #Kenya

Today, James will compete in the 800m track event at #Rio2016 for #TeamRefugees. James left South Sudan at age 13 to avoid being recruited as a child soldier into the country's civil war. Today he runs on behalf of the 65 million displaced people around the world who've been forced to flee their home. Photo + copyright: @will_swanson

When James and Anjelina run tonight at the #Olympic Games, their fans back home in Kakuma refugee camp in #Kenya will be cheering them on! Go #TeamRefugees!

Good luck Anjelina! Today this determined athlete - seen here getting measured for her Olympics uniforms - will compete in the 1500 metres at Rio 2016 for #TeamRefugees. Wish her luck! Photo + copyright: @will_swanson

Set your alarms! Don't miss any of the upcoming ‪#‎TeamRefugees‬ action. Cheer loud. Be proud.

"It changed my life. If I do a good run, maybe I will change the life of young talented refugees. Because I represent a million refugees that are looking upon me." Yiech Pur Biel, ran proudly for #TeamRefugees in today's 800m heat. He won't progress to the final, but he's got his eye on future Olympics: "These other athletes are the models of my life. Although I didn't have a good time today, in one years or two years to come…." We can't wait to see what you do next!

Paulo Amotun, 23, will race at the Olympics 800m on Wednesday for #TeamRefugees! Paulo trains, and studies hard - here he takes a break in his room between training and meals to do some study. Photojournalist @will_swanson is sharing a series of portraits of Team Refugees athletes on Instagram. Copyright: @will_swanson

Kakuma camp Kenya, will be cheering for their own Yiech who runs today at 10.30am Rio time for #teamrefugees! Please join us all to cheer them on from across the world!

Rose Nathike Lokonyen, 23, will compete on Wednesday 17th at 10:55 Rio time in the women’s 800m, for #TeamRefugees. Rose is a refugee from South Sudan and has lived in the sprawling Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya since 2002 when her parents left her there to care for her 4 younger siblings. Photo + copyright: @will_swanson

"My dream is to swim in the finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As soon as I go back to Belgium I will continue my training." Seconds after leaving the pool today, Rami still had his eyes on the prize.
Rami may not have scored his personal best in the 100m butterfly today, but comes out of the pool a winner.

We're so proud of you, Rami. Photo: UNHCR/ @benjaminloyseau

“Where I’ve reached now, it’s because of being a refugee,”- Yiech Pur Biel, from #SouthSudan, competes tomorrow at 10:10 Rio time in the men's 800m. Pur Biel says he is happy to be an ambassador for refugees. The refugee camp not only saved his life; it helped him get where he is today - a high school graduate who is about to compete against the world’s best sprinters in #rio2016, for #TeamRefugees.
Photojournalist @will_swanson is sharing a series of portraits of Team Refugees athletes on Instagram. Copyright: @will_swanson

"My name is already in the history books of these Games. I fought against the world champion." With an Olympic win under his belt, Popole has put hope in hearts around the world. After an amazing win in his first match, he may not have taken home a medal but the expectant father can go back to his family, currently living in Brazil, with his head held high. #TeamRefugees

Don't miss any of the #TeamRefugees action. Here's your handy event calendar. Be sure to tune in and cheer loud and proud! #rio2016 #Olympics

She went from swimming for her life to swimming to the finish line of her first Olympic heat. The crowd roared for the Syrian refugee who has captured the hearts of many. Yusra, you're a true hero. Photo: @benjaminloyseau #TeamRefugees #Olympics #rio2016 #swimming

After a valiant effort on the mat today, Yolande has not only proven herself as a world-class athlete, but has inspired people all over the world. Her efforts today are helping reshape the way we look at refugees and the crises that made ‪#‎TeamRefugees‬ a necessity. We're beyond proud of you, Yolande.

#TeamRefugees Judo star Popole won his round in the Men's 90kg event! We couldn't be more excited! Will he make it to the semi-finals? Tune in now for the 2nd round. Photo: @benjaminloyseau

"They are the standard of being brave." @sanyarichiross is with #TeamRefugees. Are you?

Today, Rami Anis left his heart on the line. Scoring his personal best in the 100m Men's Freestyle, the young athlete is inspiring us all to see refugees in a different light. We are so proud. #TeamRefugees

Yusra. Swimmer. Syria. #TeamRefugees

Bravery beyond borders. Support #TeamRefugees and stand #WithRefugees

This. Is. Everything. History being made in Rio as the world's first-ever ‪#‎TeamRefugees‬ takes a lap at the 2016 Olympic Games. Photo: UNHCR/B.Loyseau

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