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tariere Richards @tari_richards

#firstpost2017 Happy new year guys. Welcome to our year of flourishing.
Psalm 92:12-15
We experience luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity. Super excited about the year.

Chronicles of Richards trad. So many pictures, couldn't post just one. Two grandkids down, fifteen to go.

Don't we just look adorable? #tweenies #zinaandifystrad#T1andT2

You are most compassionate, loving and kind. You are the father of nations. You have poured yourself into us and have shown us the way. You have made my life beautiful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR CHRIS. I love you so much.

Beautiful, stylish, full of God, full of wisdom, gentle, kind, soft spoken. So much to say. Happy birthday mum.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM.Words will never be enough to express my gratitude to God that you are my mum and my gratitude to you for being such an incredible mother. I love you so much.

It was so great to see these sec school classmates. Was like a partial reunion. Miss my secondary school #fggcimiringi

You know what they say. The family that slays together........ #momanddaughter

One step closer to changing the world and making a difference#ialwayswin

This is cos someone said it's been a while since I saw a post from you @chiagozie101 ☺

So it was our birthday yesterday. Having a twin is definitely a special blessing and having family and friends that love you so much is simply amazing. Lil sis threw a huge surprise party for us. We had 4 different cakes. I'm so grateful to God for He is gracious and kind and He has brought us this far. Happy birthday to us.


Getting ready for the next phase#excited😆

Life of a lawyer

Happy New year guys. ..its my year of spreading. ..unstoppable expansion. ..soooo excited.

Merry Christmas everyone.....Christ is the reason for the season. In Him is life eternal

Happy birthday Pastor. You have transformed my life and all I know and all I am today is because of you. Thank you for saying yes to God. You are the fulfilment of prophecy and the proof of God's love to us in these times. You are indeed a dispensation. The BLW nation loves and thanks you. I love you so much my father, teacher, mentor, Pastor and prophet. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday mum. I love you so much more than words can say. U always have a solution and you are always there for us. Irrespective of all that goes on, you are still so happy and inspiring. You are the epitome of everything beautiful.

So tweenie wanted to buy a dress nd then I saw this one nd loved it nd she said "don't worry, let me buy it for you nd I'll get my dress next time". Don't I just love her and the top of course hehehehehe.

We are strong women and we are going to change the world#tweenie#sister#family

Makeup time

Mum got me this beautiful gown....of course I had to wear it today#lovemydress

Loving d short hair

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