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Amato Salvatierra @steevsea

amphibious lensman

this radical wave dancer entered this solar system on this very day, many moons ago, and continues to grace the sun with his orbit🌞

Wishing smooth seas and fair breeze to my man @mckmeister as he starts another lap around the sun today

tfw VDF x OBYC

day dreaming #35mm


more of this in 2017


2016 RIP


the doldrums #35mm #obyc


current mood

take me back to summer


While millions of Americans are sitting around a big meal with friends and family today, thousands of people from around the world are fighting corporate greed and state sponsored violence to protect the right to clean water. Why, in 2016, are native people still being violently oppressed? How can our government continue to sanction the violent exploitation of their resources? While most will be enjoying turkey and stuffing today, the water protectors face teargas and rubber bullets. #nodapl #standwithstandingrock #mniwiconi #waterislife #thanksgiving

feels good you should try it💇🏻

Proud of my mom #veteransday #usaf

casting my vote, captured by @awstain #35mm #usa

summer was fun while it lasted...

Josiah has become a real salt, took us out the gate today #OBYC #SSSJ

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