slick_vibe @slick_vibe

unruly. seeing sounds. • san antonio + dallas

1980 sum feat. @cre8shun 🔮

for listeners, blunt-heads, fly ladies, prisoners, hennessy holders & old school niggas.
i appreciate u. 💯

issa look.

always. ♻ run dat

for di culture.

one time for the ppl who aren't afraid to be themselves. those ppl who come around and make u feel good constantly, no matter what. ♻️ hate to sound cliche but those ppl u can feel. shoutout to you.


dad hat + turtleneck szn.

flower child, beautiful child.

cause 🕊 in the trap is a daily ting.

merry christmas 🎅🏾✨

the projects.

BTS w/ @dkcreates

kinda look fire.

pay attention dallas.

that new new.
hit the homie up.

vol. 2 feat rodneyblu X fela

niight nurse.

lookin @ the world like where do we go? nigga?!

she actin friendly n shit.

film ain't dead. #35mm

charged up. 🔋

when u haven't retwisted in a minute. 🇨🇴

lite spots feat @mistergrishby & @kaytranada



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