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Very sad to hear about Yordano Ventura passing away today while I was at work. It's always sad to hear about someone so talented passing away so young. #RIPAce

It's time to do my tiny desk concert entry. I've got everything set, just need to sit down, hit record and go! #tinydeskconcert #tinydeskcontest2017

@stefaniegrrr has requested that I post a lot of updates while she's out of town, so here's stop #1- post work dinner at green street smoked meats.

Here's something to be excited about- it's hopslam time! #hopslam #bellsbrewery #craftbeer #beer #beertreat #beerme #nowdrinking

A little foggy today.

Another good #brewday in the books! I hope this #dunkelwweizen is estery and banana-y as all hell. #yeastparty #homebrew #dohomebrew

Laura Marling came in to where I work today, so I had no choice but to listen to my favorite record of hers. #lauramarling #onceiwasaneagle

Grouper- 'paradise valley' 7"- somehow I missed the release of this single a few weeks ago. @recklessrecords posted that they had a limited number of them for sale today only for walk-ins and I managed to get down there and get one. I promise I'm not sitting on the couch listening to it over and over while watching snow videos. It's absolutely lovely, though. #grouper #vinyl #vinyladdict #vinylclub #ambient

Fired up this awesome new turntable! Merry Christmas to me!!!!!

Trying to get a good drum sound today for a song with no words (yet)... my laziness in that department quit paying off recently, so now I'm having to get back to where I was before that.

New Year's Eve for me= brewing a gose, drinking a liter of this Oktoberfest and watching 'Singles.' Happy New Year, buddies! πŸΊπŸŽ‰

Whenever I get in a funk nothing knocks me out of it like an Elliott smith marathon. You'd think it would make you feel worse, but you'd be wrong. #elliottsmith

Last #christkindlmarket visit of the year. @stefaniegrrr wanted a picture with #krampus

#repost from @kcroyals - while the winter is nice I find myself daydreaming about when the season starts up again every day. #foreverroyal

Is this a thing that happens to people? #logansquare #streetart #chicagostreetart

More from the walk of #nostalgia today- sandmeyer's books was still there, exactly as it was. I spent a lot of time there walking around on its creaky wood floors. Every once in a while I'll find a bookmark of theirs in a book I've pulled off the shelf. I suppose it's weird to think fondly of a bookstore, but I'm surprised and delighted that it's weathered all the changes in reading habits and whatnot. #chicago #southloop #printersrow #bookstore

Walk of nostalgia today in the south loop. Didn't see a lot that was left from my year at Columbia in 1997, but this was kind of a welcome sight from outside of the residence center. #chicago #southloop #printersrow

The new shalloboi album is out today. It's up on iTunes, Spotify, pandora and a ton of other digital services. There's a bandcamp link in the bio. Hope you like it.

I've found a new place to waste my money. I will build it all up again...

Waiting for a #beer tour to start. Never been to Lottie's but it's a KU bar and they have the game on.

My #bestnine2016 - all from the last record-a-day photo challenge I did, just like last year. Some good picks represented, though!

James' first birthday party- first of two parties tonight. My ears continue to avoid the song 'let it go' from 'frozen' despite all odds.

@stefaniegrrr , professional cat bed.

Holiday brewing is all finished and bottled. I used almost every bottle in the house- there are only six left, I think. Who wants beer? #dohomebrew #homebrew #bottlingday

Walking around downtown today. If you've got the blahs and you're having trouble getting into the holiday spirit I'd recommend walking around downtown- you'd have to be made of stone to not enjoy it. #christmas #christmastree #christmasinchicago

Watching 'a very Murray Christmas.' Still glorious and weird. This one's for you @the_ginger_owl

Single-handedly splitting the universe into alternate dimensions and bringing the temperature of hell into the single digits- this is me wearing a Cubs hat. 2014 Tyler is horrified. Proof that in the world of baseball anything is possible. Seriously, though, I'm still rooting for the royals next year. I just wanted something to help me remember the best thing that happened this year . Plus, now I'll have something to wear to wrigley field now.

Robin and friend.

More #recording is happening today after lunch with my parents. Looking forward to putting this amazing #tonebender to good use on #fuzzfriday

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