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Free indeed.


Dancing because we've experienced so much life and joy and fullness of Jesus' beauty these last three days! Passion 2017 brought immeasurable freedom, rejoicing, surrender and glory (and Carrie Underwood) to the dome this year and I could not be more excited for the year ahead. #seeyouatthedome #purplerain2017

✨Officially making it through 2016 like✨Glad to be walking into this new year with the same faithful Father, friends and family.

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles🐚

From Cherokee to Scotland to Tulsa to Stigler, y'all are always in my heartπŸ’–

Study for finals? You've cat to be kitten us.

I can't feel my hands when I'm with you, but I love it (and I love being Big XII champs- boom soon)

Constantly being reminded that home isn't a city or a house- it's being with the people I love, wherever they are. From Norman to Atlanta to Dallas, I'm thankful for such a sweet break!

Skipping Black Friday for a much more colorful option this morning πŸπŸ‚#optoutside

We had some nICE skating moves at the rink (thanks for keeping me upright all night!)❄️❄️

What a sweet way to start the day! Come see Phi Lamb on the South Oval till 4:00 today to help us fundraise for World Vision. There's pies in the face, stickers, and donuts, friends!🍩

Twice the love this dad's day❀️

"Three things things will last foreverβ€”faith, hope, and loveβ€”and the greatest of these is love." (1 Cor. 13:13)
I am more convinced than ever of the importance of love in healing a hurting nation and helping one another. No matter your feelings about these past 24 hours, please remember to be there for one another, to listen to one another, to deeply love one another. Jesus' love is the sweetest gift I know- let's let it shine more brightly today and always.

Happy birthday you radiant sunflower! I am so grateful to call you a friend, a roommate, a confidant, and a sister, and grateful that we get to walk through weird, hard, and sweet times together. I love you!

Constantly wishing I was back in my favorite place with my favorite people πŸ” Missing you dudes every day (sorry for blurring you out with my questionable photography skills, Will).

Happy Friday from me and this very small, very soft therapist (she was very professional, 10/10 would pet again).

β€œIf you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."
27 million people across the world are currently being silenced and dehumanized by slavery. Today, I joined A21 and thousands of people to work toward justice and a voice for them. A21 is on the front lines of the fight against modern slavery- they're rescuing and rehabilitating survivors, teaching prevention, and prosecuting offenders. If you want to help in their cause in any way, read up on them through the link in my bio- prayers, money, or time are welcome and needed. This is a cause that says that freedom is worth fighting for, and that injustice can only continue as long as we choose silence. #walkforfreedom #walkforfreedomokc

It's 3:01 and even Texas knows they suck.

Same dress, different partyπŸ’«

✨Don't wake me I'm not dreaming✨

Very thankful for a mama who gave up her weekend to fly 800 miles from home just to be with me and have good conversations and make me some home-cooked meals and go to street fairs to eat vegan mac and cheese with me (and buy me beautiful flowers😍). The older I get, the more I appreciate her wisdom, who she is, and everything she sacrifices for meπŸ’›

We lost our voices for you tonight, Ty Darlington. #doit4ty

Got a (little) more love in my heart now that Mikayla's part of the fam!πŸ’–

(Crimson &) Creamed Louisiana-Monroe☝🏼️

#pickphilamb because it'll give you the sweetest sisterhood, the most loyal friends, and a community of warriors that always has your back. #findjoy

Red, white and BYX.

Without national parks, the world would never know this gem. Happy 100th to the love of my life, the National Parks Service. Thanks for the years of memoriesπŸ’› #NPS100

(Sooner) or later I had to start school again...
Cheers to a great first day and a killer sophomore year! (All shirt creds to @devin_not_devon)

Well you, you make my dreams come true✨🌟

Happy birthday you radiant sunbeam! Holly, you love so fully, express yourself so beautifully (in words and through art), and are such an eager learner and teacher. You make everyone around you desire to be better and go deeper. I am constantly inspired by you and I love you, you crazy 19 year old!

Hey friends, a PSA about something important/amazing!
Some of you may have heard of an organization called A21 that is leading the fight to end human trafficking. (It's headed by Christine Caine, a crazy amazing speaker, writer and activist). A21 helps rescue survivors of slavery, provide safe homes for their recovery, and work to prosecute and seek justice against human traffickers. On October 15, A21 is holding a "Walk for Freedom" in cities across the world to raise funds/awareness for their fight! It costs nothing to join (but you can make a donation or buy merch), and walks are happening in most big US cities (including Dallas, OKC, and Altlanta!). Norman friends, if you join I'll drive :) This is a really amazing and tangible opportunity to stand up for good and fight injustice. You can check out locations, sign up, or donate at the link in my bio!

Colorado, you're always Breckin' my heart when I gotta leave ya❀️

🏞Mountain dadπŸ”

I called my family from the top of my first two 14ers to share the experience, but I got to be with them at the top of my third! (Mom and dad not pictured but they made it🀘🏼)

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