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Bow wow @shadmoss

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Celebrating after our victory! We on our way to H town! The whole ATL meet us there!!!! Nothing else matters! #RISEUP

How our suite looked at the dome! Yo uncle @snoopdogg i told you unc! Yall suck! Yall cant fuck w us! We took care of business! Watch what we do to the New England fakeriots

We going hard tonight time to change clothes. My boy @2voicz got the uptown comedy club popping tonight! Me jeezy usher we all out tonight! Pull up!!! More pics to come from the game! Stay tuned!

Me and @usher going up!!!! I told yall what we was going to do to yall. Now take yall ass back to WI. With that ass beating. #RISEUP

Lets gooooo live on the sideline NFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! LETS GO FALCONS!!!! #RISEUP #bowwow

Don't you green bay slacker fans forget. Favre was one of us and will always be one of us. 😂you guys always wanted to be us. We gone beat yalls ass today! And uncle @snoopdogg and @rmmpercy yall shut up and dont talk to me until 10pm tonight! Tell lil wayne since he love green bay slackers so much bet 50k

Last game in the dome. I was there last week and I'm back again! JD performing welcome to ATL at the game no way we losing. The city is on fire right now! ATL 1 more then SUPER BOWL. Green bay slackers bout to get a old fashion southern ass whooping. #atl #brotherhood #riseup #greenbayslackers

Single- its not a status, its a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life with out depending on others.

I learned to stay humble; Don't mess with many; Keep my business to myself; Don't rush nothing; and whatever happens.. Happened for a reason.

Success woke me up, motivation made me breakfast, destiny gave me my agenda and the Lord gave me his blessings.

Im blessed with everything i need. I am working hard towards everything i want. Most of all i appreciate and thank god for what i have. #guhhatl

I knew i matured when i realized every situation doesn't need a reaction. Sometimes you gotta let people do the lame shit they do.

Heres the shortcut to happiness... stay away from assholes. #guhhatl #trueblonde #young30

People that ain't doing shit ain't been no where and ain't going no where have the most to say.. its not they fault you still work a 9 to 5, its not they fault you still living with others or off somebody else. Some folks need to reevaluate self before they start talking about the next. Nobody fault but yours you in the situation you in. YOU BETTER GRIND HARDER BE SMARTER AND STOP HATING. Its enough money for everybody.

A real 1 gone tell you what it is upfront and be blunt with it then give you an option on if you gone deal with it or not... a lame gone play with your feelings and sugarcoat everything for you and tell you what you want to hear just to f**k

Chicks be thinking they dimes because they hang in certain circles with certain dudes and wear certain shit.. but for real chicks be having more followers than they got money... be living from dick to dick outfit to outfit. News flash stop fooling yourself. That lil pussy should've been on clearance, but due to your good genes and the thirst of a man your still in the game.

We back in the DOME. Bring on the Green Bay Slackers. Yo @yaboijus718 call the Falcon front office and let them know we back in the building! 1 more to go then we H town bound.

Never eat with people you didn't starve with. Never ride with the people you didn't walk with. Be true and stick to your crew. @wackstar @yaboijus718 @bigzz1 #FALCONS

After the game celebrating a Falcon Victory with the owner of the falcons and his family. Mr. Arthur Blank #riseupatlanta (by the way, the man owns home depot. Just saying)

We did that. Congrats to the @atlantafalcons and thanks mr blank for the suite and tix and field passes! Bring on the cowgirls or the slackers. We up right now! #riseup #justtrashtalk

Watching it from the sidelines is just a little bit better than staying in the house! Lets go!!! @wackstar

People talk behind your back for 3 reasons.. when they cant reach your level. When they don't have what you have. When they try and live your lifestyle but cant.

The only source of knowledge is experience #guhhatl #ibeendoingthis #legend

Dont let anyone tell you you're too young to accomplish something. #bowwow #guhhatl LEGEND

Between money and love just remember.. money will never wake up one morning and tell you it doesn't love you no more. #guhhatl #younglegend #bowwow

You cant cheat the grind.. it knows how much you've invested. It wont give you nothing you haven't worked for. #guhhatl #young30 #bowwow

Cant change a mother***** who doesn't see an issue in their actions. #greenlight6 #guhhatl

One thing i learned, is you cant wait on no one to get shit done. Waiting on someone, will distance you from what your passionate about to begin with. Im a boss now. If you not ready, then get passed by. Theres million of people who can do what you do. I wait on no one. #greenlight6 #guhhatl

Being the best is great, I'm number 1. BUT being unique IS GREATER, I'm the only one. #guhhatl

Hey ladies and gentlemen of ATLANTA and all over, my mother @teresabwmom and @neneleakes Bring you "SWAGG Boutique" located in the prestigious area of Buckhead, 87 West Paces Ferry Road and is NOW OPEN. Go get your shop on! The hottest high end fashion boutique in the city! @tasteofswaggonline #louisvuitton #redbottoms #newmerch #consignmentitems and more.... #chanel whatever you need THEY GOT IT

You have to be at your strongest when you're feeling at your weakest. #backspasms #foodpoisoning

Being sick is just your body's way of saying your too awesome and you need to slow down so everyone can catch up. #foodpoisoning #backspasms

Once we homeboys, we always homeboys. @wackstar #ATK #brothers #500reasons

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