Rebekah Jean Seese

Rebekah Jean Seese @semptra

Just a random person in the world.

Testing out some makeup. Slowly learning what I'm doing, lol.

Snuggle snuggle snuggle!

Andrew and Leeloo just being too cute!

Michelangelo in his new favorite spot!

Meet Slick, Tusk and Scooter to my beenie boos family!

Mikey and Chi Chi just being way too cute!!!

Just playing with some makeup.

Meet Michelangelo!

With my lovely. ;)

My hubby won this for me from a movie theater claw machine! So cute!

So sleepyyyyyy.


Super fight with my bestie!!!

My hubby. Muah!

Hanging with my girl tonight!

Meet Leeloo!

Diamond and her new purple collar!

My sleepy baby.

Surge and PS4!!!

Sleepy baby girl.


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