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A dark comedy about five overdramatic 20-somethings searching for their missing kind-of-friend. Binge every episode on TBS On Demand.

Rideshare to Canada anyone? #SearchParty

Preach. #SearchParty

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Back to work! #searchpartytbs

Got big weekend plans? Now you do. Binge every episode of #SearchParty with us On Demand.

To be fair, flirting is a real skill that can get you very far in life. #SearchParty

Holding back is also not one of our strong points. #SearchParty

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I am loving @searchpartytbs directed by the amazing @ryantown and loved OA on @netflix #pregaminghard #goldenglobes

Because we all need someone to binge-watch TV with. #SearchParty is On Demand.

This is the year we stop procrastinating and get a real job. Right after we binge #SearchParty On Demand just one more time.

If your ex is home for the holidays, keep it chill. Do. not. creep. Binge every episode of #SearchParty On Demand

It’s not about the money. Okay we lied. It is a little about the money. #SearchParty

We tried to throw a filter on 2016, but it still looked pretty bad. Here's to 2017. #SearchParty

In an effort to drink less, we're gonna stay in and nurse this hangover tonight. Binge every episode of #SearchParty On Demand.

New year, same you. Chalk it up to a rough 2016. #SearchParty

It's important to live your truth. Or maybe just tell others what their's should be. #SearchParty

Being home for the holidays and your parents have that good stuff. Time to binge -- the entire season of #SearchParty On Demand.

Nothing like having to scold a grown-ass man.
Every hard-hitting moment of Search Party is on the #tbsBINGEATHON tonight, starting at 7:30/6:30c on @TBSNetwork.

Leave that awful holiday party early tomorrow and binge every episode of #SearchParty during the #tbsBINGEATHON, starting at 7:30PM on @tbsnetwork.

Never bring your own mistletoe to the party. #holiday101 #dating101 #SearchParty

Is it better to be fashionably late or uncomfortably early? #SearchParty

Going home for the holidays is hard when your phone is at 0% battery. #holidaytravels #SearchParty

Words to live by. #wednesdaywisdom #SearchParty

Successfully asking someone to borrow their car is all about timing. #SearchParty

If you don’t have anything nice to say, channel your inner Elliott and say it anyway. #SearchParty

Flirting is hard. Flirting in French is even harder.
#SearchParty is on @TBSNetwork tonight at 11/10c.

‘Tis the season to feel inadequate. Commiserate during two episodes of #SearchParty, tomorrow at 11/10c on @TBSNetwork.

The only thing worse than working as a rich lady’s assistant is ordering coffee as a rich lady’s assistant. #SearchParty

“No phones beyond this point.” Possibly the worst five words in the English language. #SearchParty

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My illustration for @newyorkermag column by Emily Nussabaum on the awesome TV show #searchparty

It’s happening. #SearchParty comes back for season two in #2017.

Here it is! #SearchParty is now On Demand for you to binge every awkward moment, every useless clue, and every melodramatic tantrum, all at once.

Don’t mind us, just limbering up to re-binge the entire first season On Demand.

Drew takes up a new habit in Montreal. And it’s not hockey. Binge every episode of #SearchParty On Demand and see.

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