Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson @sean_anderson15


We're the best at 2048 @scotaubuchon

Happy Flakesgiving!

Kavanaugh didn't want to juju

We're still looking for Kim

We didn't get to express ourselves in the Speaker's Circle

LMAyO for Jesus #steubystl

*in the Library of Congress* "Where are the books?"

"Darn right"

MVP on stats

The corsage bun

Happy Easter! Lots of love for @ruby_gra.y and her family from everyone who went to Philly

Chris is probably still praying


When your phone dies right as the pope is driving by #2philly4francis #2P4F

Pope Francis and I #itschill #2philly4francis #2P4F

Where's the mayo?

BTSM Round 2

Jersey trading didn't go as planned #bjnc

Fam hits up farmers' market

Great season guys


Hittin that whip Barclay style

Teaching them right

Watching the end of 2014.

"Eat your mambas casually!"

Thankful for these annoyances

Thanks for the awesome night!

Bass drop

Psalms 24:1

"They're too intense about rock paper scissors"

"It's because I'm Asian"

blue man group.

Sweat. Everywhere.

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