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Scarlet Snow Belo @scarletsnowbelo

🐣 March 3, 2015

Do you know what my favorite food is? It's PASTA! Ate Acai and Tita Karen made one for me when we were in the states and now it's my most favorite dish in the whole world! #iLoveT #delicious

Precious advice from my Ninang @annecurtissmith: make sure in life you know which direction you should be heading (and touch lives along the way, like Mackie our dog's) 🏃🏻💨

Oh no! Daddy turned into a tickle monster again! Help!

Hi people, I'm back! I miss the horses I met through my ate @cristallebelo, so today I wore a cowgirl costume.

Do you think I'm going to be tall, medium, or small when I grow up? I want to be "s-tall-ium."🦄

Everything is better with ketchup... especially mornings with Daddy. #KetchupLovers #MyFavoriteVegetable (My parents will be on a break so I won't see you for a week, ok. I'll miss all of you)

I woke up very early so now i get to swim early. I love swimming. It keeps me healthy and puts me in a good mood. What's your favorite morning exercise, people?

This is one of those moments you just "let it go", Mr. Orange. Just trust the process.

Daddy has a silly way of teaching me about sharing. A talking duck? Really, daddy?

Off to school, people. It's my first day and I'm so excited to meet new friends and learn new things!

Remember, peopel, you are somebody's reason to smile. Have a nice day at work!

Yipee I can finally open my @tiffanyandco and @rustansph gifts from Tita @datantoco. I'm so excited. I wonder what's in it. Thank you, Tita!

Daddy and Mommy told me I should never be afraid to dream. This year is the beginning of anything we want to be, no matter how small or big you already are. Happy new year, everybody!

Happy new year, peopel, from me, @justinpitt77 @cristallebelo @quarkhenares @dochayden @victoria_belo, Tita Nathalie, and @atomhenares

I am so thankful for all the friends I made this year. I hope to see more of you peopel in 2017. Happy new year, everybody!!! May you have happy days ahead!

To all the people who are not feeling so happy right now, I hope i can be a rainbow in your cloud.🌈

It's wonderland here in HK but... I still love the Philippines more.

Hi people! Do you want to receive 1 of the 30 @belobabylove gift packs that I am giving away? Just post a cute photo of your baby, tag @belobabylove and add #BeloBabyChristmas. It's only for people from Metro Manila, ok.

My daddy is still dreaming of his people-sized Porsche, but my Tita Delia and Tita Malou were so sweet they bought me a baby Porsche already. I think my car is better than his real car because his car is always broken even if it's new.

My best time of the day: mornings. I'm really like my mommy and daddy.

People, were you able to get a copy of @goodhousekeepingph? It was my very first time to be on a cover all by myself.

We just arrived in HK and I met a new animal. Guess what it's called!

I love ketchup so much I put ketchup on my ketchup. Good morning, people! #1yr9mos

Why is daddy laughing when I said my legs are soft? It is naman talaga. It's @belobabylove soft kaya!

I finally completed my Christmas card for mommy. I need to make one more for Daddy, and then for ate, then for kuya, then for my granparents, and my yayas, and all my friends. Merry Christmas, people!!!

We will all dream together and become extraordinary together. @rightstartph

I love you mommy. You teach me, you play with me, you are always there for me. I am so proud to be your daughter.

Yesterday Daddy and Mommy taught me about the true meaning of Christmas. It's about Papa God giving us the most precious of all gifts because He loves us; and it is because of His lavish love that we also love others. When I grow up I want to be a giver like Jesus.

KNOCK, KNOCK! Use "Iguana" in a sentence... "This Christmas, I-guana be with you!"😓#corny

Thank you, Ninong @kuyakim_atienza for introducing me to your pets. It's my first time to see and touch an iguana.

10 out or 10 children get their awesomeness from the love of people who are beautiful inside and out. #ScarletStats

I was in chatty mode last night. Can anybody guess what I was trying to say?

I know I'm being weird, but sometimes it makes people laugh and smile, and that just makes me super happy. I love you, people. 👒💿🍶

After dinner we always have an hour of family playtime before I take a shower and go to sleep. This is a typical night in our home. (I just had my haircut by @junar.santos. Do you like it? It's called a "BoB."

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