SJP @sarahjessicaparker

Never a dull ride on the R train north
PS see someone?

Never forget.
9/11 memorial museum
X, sj

Southern memorial.
X, sj

Northern memorial.
Photos can't capture
X, sj

New transportation hub
X, sj

A Brazilian bride and groom! Beauty all over this city.
Much happiness.
X, sj


A day in the life.
Roaming the city, from north to south, east to west.
X, sj

Like millions and millions of my fellow Americans I will lay in bed tonight wondering about our future.
Whether you are doing so with unbridled optimism or grave concern I think these words spoken by President Lincoln are exquisitely appropriate for these times and remind all of us why we are proud to uphold our American values.

Oh hallelujah it's Honeybells season and our annual supply has arrived from our friends at Hollieanna Orchards.
Tabitha, our expert juicer.
X, sj

Horribly bumpy red eye home but happy ending with a safe landing and lovely flight attendants that held my hand.
Follow our shadow into NYC.
X, sj

They looked prettier before they were transported. X, sj

I know Im late to the party but @amysedaris is correct again (and many others who have shared similar and enthusiastic regard) Ann Patchett is a sublime writer and this book a wonderful read. X, sj

LA bound and "portside out" this is what you can see about 15 mins prior to landing.
X, sj

Acela service.
And a plate!
X, sj
5 star dining

I'm here at the @sjpcollection store at @mgmnationalharbor! Got 2 hours in DC before I head back North. Time to work. X, Sj

As promised. The bare facts. Around 12:30p. @sjpcollection store at @mgmnationalharbor. I'll take any opportunity to work the floor, if even only for a couple hours. Maybe you're nearby. x, Sj

X, sj

Anyone looking 4 a 4?
Can be found on west 12th at between 6th and 7th ave south.
Closer to 7th.

How to describe the specific joy of a book unexpectedly arriving? And that delight in all the promise between the covers?
X, sj
PS thank you @scribnerbooks !

Please don't end, please don't end, please don't end.

Off your neck and into my palm. In the dark of night.
This talisman and it's offering was and is so touching. And I treasure the treasure most especially because it is from you @lenadunham
X, sj

Rest well my pretties and thank you.
X, sj

Every bite of the burger, gone.
And there was a mountain of fries.
X, sj

Contents of purse and contents on head and hands. And in ears.
Time for a burger and a Moscow mule.
X, sj

The great
Meryl Streep
An extraordinary and singular career.

X, sj

Many hands. Many masters. I'm on my way. X, Sj

It's the details. X, Sj

And in the always fiercely competitive category of which shoe to choose, the nominees are... x, Sj

Dateline: Beverly Hills. Just post high noon. Let the games begin. X, Sj

Upon arrival.
Too pretty to eat?
Thank you to all the elves at @hbo and my hotel here in LA, always like a home away from home.

Oh GM3
You shouldn't have.
But since you did, I'm going to find a way to get that vase back to NYC.
Thank you. They are exquisite. Just like you.

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