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Sandra Bernhard @sandragbernhard

The Official Sandra Bernhard Comedian, Actress, Author, Personality, & Singer

The fabulous brilliant remarkable @AlfreWoodard kicking it out in #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM

A not so gentle read from our president the only one we will have for quite some time thank you @BarackObama

A #Sandyland doubleheader @jillkargman #OddMomOut yet totally in! Groovy NY lady @RadioAndySXM

Love love love! @idinamenzel soul sister giant talent and just plain fun! #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM

Happy birthday beautiful @MichelleObama thank you again & again for your brilliance passion & humanity you've taken us higher & higher!

Newer hipper groovier #Schweppes #Sandyland official drink of choice @RadioAndySXM

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter' #MartinLutherKing

Social media meet #Radish spicy sporty always high and ready to party

fun in the sun me and my pal @Andy #Sandyland stories Britney Diana & so much more! @RadioAndySXM

O Mad Night! And day! #IntimacyIdiot @mrisaacoliver in #Sandyland fresh! @RadioAndySXM

On the eve of uncertainty remember there are many great people who care deeply about this country thank you @BarackObama for all you do

A little bit of @Nashville_ABC in #Sandyland with talented @charles_esten rocking my world @RadioAndySXM

Activist #AnnNorthrop #GayUSA was brilliant today in #Sandyland an important voice for these insanetimes @RadioAndySXM

Next level brilliant ballsy human fearless!#MerylStreep lifetime achievement bravo! Encore! #GoldenGlobes thank you!

My #SandylandSquad these ladies run the show @lmantineo @kerrayberray @angiebarrett_tx love you all! @RadioAndySXM

We can see it in the stars #CherealStars that is! Happy new year kids xo #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM

#VivicasBlackMagic @msvfox brought the posse Yes! #Sandyland was steamy & all kinds of fun @radioandysxm

Not 20 feet away right on top of it! Superstar @darlenelovesinger rocking #Sandyland @radioandysxm

Happy birthday to my darling friend @dotmariejones I love you so much

I love my solid gold @jewdygold as always smart& funny as hell! Happy New Year we are back! #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM

The #SandyLandSquadBand east coast @therealmitchy @johnbadamo #BenChuchinsky we tore it up @JoesPub thank yougentlemen love you kids!

Happy new year wonderful #Sandyland friends may 2017 be a year of beautiful roses with love and wishes forhealth strength creativty peace and equality for all xo Sandy

Post #SandraMonicaBl in my @TrannaWintour t two more nights @JoesPub too much fun!

My yearly gorgeous @JoesPub fleurs gifted by the #BrooklynGang c/o @MichaelGeorgeflowers love you kids!

Hot opening night #SandraMonicaBlCoasttoCoast @Andy @JoesPub thank you to 2 great crowds! See you tomorrow -Dec 31

Are you ready? #SandraMonicaBl tomorrow night @JoesPub perfect last minute holiday gift! dec 26-31

The first time since the 50's that Chanukah & Christmas Eve fell on the same day may the light shine brightly on this planet for all

Gorgeous holiday fleurs from the wonderful @lmantineo my amazing producer #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM

Dinner is served! @MelissaClark her new cookbook is brilliant she brought me cookies 💗 #Sandyland perfect nosh! @RadioAndySXM

The wonderful @daylehaddon @women1one especially in this holiday season of giving #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM please support

She's the best @BethBehrs darling caring fresh smart talented to the heavens #Sandyland @RadioAndySXM love her!

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