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The #GearS3PH is designed to move you forward in all your adventures, in and out of the elements with IP68 water and dust resistance. Now available at your nearest Samsung Experience Store.

Start 2017 with a clear mind so you can cut out the noise and let your goals motivate you. #UnleashYourself #GearIconXPH

Jump in and discover new, unexplored locations for this year's adventures! #GalaxyS7PH

Explore new routes and experience your workout in a whole new way. #UnleashYourself #GearIconXPH

Experience and appreciate the world around you by trying out a new outdoor hobby. Don't forget to capture your best moments along the way #GalaxyS7PH

Enjoy the rush from your first workout of the year at the crack of dawn and start your day invigorated and inspired. #UnleashYourself #GearIconXPH

A new year brings forth a fresh start. Capture that first sunrise and dream big for 2017. #GalaxyS7PH

Spread the love and cheer throughout the New Year with something sleek and stylish to all the ones you hold dear. #GalaxyTabAPH

Merry Christmas! Hope you didn’t forget to give yourself an extra-special gift this year! #SamsungChristmasGiveaways

Surprise someone with the gift of #AllOutAdventure! #GalaxyA72016PH

Our little helpers got together to arrange the best gift ideas for you this Christmas. Here's one that they're especially excited about. #GalaxyOn7PH

The spirit of Christmas is strongest when you give the perfect present to your loved ones. #GalaxyS7PH

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Gift yourself with something powerfully elegant. #GalaxyJ72016PH

Have yourself a merry little Christmas present with a mix of style and function. #GalaxyJ12016PH

'Tis the season to spoil yourself. Go on and live up to your prime. #GalaxyJ7PrimePH

This Christmas, you deserve nothing but the best. #GalaxyS7PH

This season, it's not just about giving, but making sure our loved ones get what they truly deserve. It's all here at the Samsung Christmas Giveaways.

Dare to drive into adventure, and capture great photos along the way. #GalaxyS7PH

What compels you to #UnleashYourself? #GearFit2PH

Moments are like sunsets. Capture them before they disappear. #GalaxyS7PH

It’s a beautiful evening to get lost in the city. #GalaxyS7PH

When the city starts to wind down, it’s your turn to push. #UnleashYourself #GearFit2PH

Never let the dark stop you from being curious. #GalaxyS7PH

Don’t be afraid to shoot in the dark. You never know what will turn up. #GalaxyS7PH

Even when the sun goes down, the view of the beach is always perfect. #GalaxyS7PH

The colors we take for granted in the day spring to life when captured in low light. #GalaxyS7PH

Look up and see a sky of possibilities. Set the bar higher for the week ahead. #GearFit2PH #UnleashYourself

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey you take to get there. #GearFit2PH #UnleashYourself

The real grind begins when the sun goes down. Set your sights on your weekend goal and continue to keep up the pace. #GearFit2PH #UnleashYourself

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@solennheussaff @ilovegeorgina @erwanheussaff join us as we celebrate the #GalaxyNote7PH launch.

Because phone security is important to you, the #GalaxyNote7PH brings the most powerful way to keep your files safe with the Iris Scanner.

The IP68 certified water and dust resistance of the new #GalaxyNote7PH is a welcome solution for the Philippine’s penchant for rain. Don’t be afraid to think BIG even when it pours!

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