Sam Hooks

Sam Hooks @samdhooks

He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right.

Only reason @mollycule1 isn't in this too is because she would've made us look bad @_chooks @peterdwhooks

We love church

Escaped right on outta there


Juniors all the way #yeah #go #kirkwood #pep #rally #woo #d

Best wedding ushers around: me and @pdiddy6_

Zika won't keep us from Rio

"When I look at this sunset I think of Danimals Yogurt." - @_chooks

Live "Life Outside"

Only thing I have in common with Jordan McNamara: we both ate Goldfish before he ran 3:56 #FOMwithFAM

Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing and kind woman of all. Thank you for everything you do.

Just rollin' 👣🍆

"I said beeeeeeach"

Huge congrats on the 17:02 PR and first place for Kirkwood. Go get 'em next year #state

Got the dub 1-0

Nice view feat. even nicer foul pole

Great day for #bonding

In good company #wc15

Got so much wood I could build me a fort


Channeling my inner white girl

I could get used to two weeks of this

Happy birthday to a good neighbor and an even better friend @hakejibbard

#tbt to the beginning of a memorable four years... and of course some impeccable fashion

# 1 fan

It's done. It's over now.

Ganesh is hella ugly

Soul surfer + 1 arm #tbt


#tbt already

Got that view though

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