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"I made a resolution to floss, and I did it. 12:01, January 1st, bam! Blood everywhere." -Michael Scott

Happy birthday JJ! Couldn't be there to harass and embarrass you today so I'll do it on IG 😊 Love you sis

Happy Holidays from the Ju's 🕎✡️ #RaiderNation

Missing summer ball and the places it took us #tb

Baseball has blessed me with brothers all over the country. Love this kid.

Thanksgiving with the Osur-Myers clan

Played baseball, Coug football got the W, and spent time with my mom. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday

"I compete. I compete like crazy. That is just the person I am. I like to have fun. I want for people to say he was always having fun. I want people to say he was a hard worker, that he's not going to give up. That's it. That's all I can ask. Baseball is my life. It's just fun, man, to come out on the field and do what your dream is. Sometimes we forget that." Rest In Peace José Fernandez #JDF16

Fall ball in paradise #GoCougs #Feb17

Missing my boy

Dragon and Nighthawk at it again

Another great summer of ball as a @sealsbaseball and @alamedamerchantsbaseball . Wouldn't be the man and player I am today without these organizations

No matter how much we travel, there's never a day off. Pretty cool getting to work out at the northern most CrossFit in the world

Dale, Brennan, and Ms. Lady

One of my favorite trips as a Seal #Arr 🇨🇦

Altuve sledgehammer workout today with Altuve Jr. himself @moissini_penguini #SigoArriba ⚾️

Big weekend coming up with my brothers at The L #Regionals

Bay Valley Champs!🏆

My 2 passions

We on an Ultralight Beam

I like my dog

Big 2 year old🎂

Go Cougs🐾

One of the most incredible experiences of my life being part of my best friend's wedding

Best summer of my life

Baseball brings people together like nothing else. Didn't know either of these guys in May but I consider them brothers now #ArrArr #Seals

Throwback to the Sierra days @keachiii @jrobinson1327 miss these guys

Happy Birthday to my main amigo @moii_chedd

Great first weekend of summer ball in SLO. Playing every game in front of a packed house was pretty sick. #SFSeals

A year older but Caesar is still a lady killer #SelfieSunday

Pretty much sums up our year. @flyin_hawaiian21 and @codyyryyan yelling at each other. @marquitos_v14 getting annoyed, and me and @trevor_ocean in our own world.

#tbt Opening Day at my favorite place in the world, O.Co

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