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Job 8:7 your beginning seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.

Gracias Don Francisco por tu programa de entretenimiento por mas 50 años. Tu programa ya no podemos ver más, pero tus recuerdos siempre estarán en nuestra mente y corazón y poreso #sghastasiempre. #sg #donfrancisco #historia #tv #agradecido

My tribute for the 9/11 memorial. One of the most tragic events in history. The sadest thing is the lost of the innocent people. I hope God don't let nothing like this happen ever again here or any place around the world. #911 #twintowers #freedomtower #light #peace #history

Just making contrast with rubberbands and my shirt. #colorful #line #shirt #rubberbands #yellow #red #black #white

If a star has 5 edges and we have 5 fingers; why not make stars with rubberbands? But if you creative enough like me, you would make different types of drawings inside the star like in the picture above.
#rubberbands #blue #yellow #green #nature #star #creativity #artist

We the artists, draw things that are creative and unpredictable. The difference is artists use pencils, markers or ink, while I simply use rubber bands and my hands.
#art #artist #creativity #colorful #rubberbands #yellow #blue #lasticlighting #rubberbandman

This is the combination of the 2 preview stars I posted (mini star inside a regular star). #star #red #blue #creativity

This is the normal size of star we use to see or draw. Many people know how to do this exact star but with one rubberband. I did it with 2 rubberbands; a red one and a blue because of independence day :). #4thofjuly #independenceday #americanflag #red #blue #art #creativity

This is a mini star. I did it with red and blue rubberbands to match the American flag colors. I don't have white rubberbands :( # July #independenceday #star #rubberbands #red #blue

This is my #tbt. When I used to dance with my different types of #gloves, #rubber bands and #led shirts. When I first started that idea. I really missed those times and I will work as hard as I can to make that happen as soon as possible.

I really love this one. This is the diamond that is done with 4 colors and can be inverted into 2 colors.

This confirms that practice makes perfection and that there is no gain without pain.

Sometimes the simple and rare things are as beautiful and interesting, as complex things. It all depends on the person perception and taste. @jordydeleon

This is a Star of David inside a regular star :)

This is one of the figures I recently learn to do. For similar rubberband tricks go to my youtube channel: rubberman239. Shalom to everyone; specially Jewish people. @jordyphotography_

Today is a day to show love, but I also see as a competition of who is the most creative in lovely way lolxz. If that's the case then here my piece of creativity in lovely way.

Who said my friend Winnie da pooh don't know how to do hearts with rubber bands? Happy valentine's day everyone!!!!

This is a little bit of the creativity I used on my last youtube video(rubberman239). Showing love to everyone. Special valentine!!! Hearts with rubber bands and how to do it.

One more time respect for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I respect people who are wise and have the right attitude towards life. We can see in this quote that the hardest thing to do, for accomplishing your dreams/goals are: to start and to believe you will make it; even during moments of opposition.

A want to take this moment to show respect for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is one of my favorite quotes of him. Self - explanatory, deep, and essential to reach sucess. What this quote means to me is that sucess is based on using your talents and skills to their maximum capacity. It would've been a honor to have a conversation with him.

Out of all the species, the human species is the smartest. We are the ones who have the most thorough knowledge of the world. Mammals, birds, fishes, and insects mainly know about their living environment and a little of creativity. On the hand, we are capable of knowing math, science, astronomy, biology, psychology, ect. You be surprise how fun and creative a person can be; if he uses his 5 senses, surrounding and tools to its maximum capability.

2014 was a very stressful year. It's normal, but not pleasant because anything that is really worth/valuable come from harsh times and a big price. Some examples: college degree, CEO of a company, millions, etc. 2014 I worked hard to set the foundation/roots of those examples. Like an agricultural man see the fruits/crops after planting his plants and trees; in 2015 I will see the fruits of the effort I put on the examples above.

New year, new skills ;) I have a lot goals in mind. God willing they we come true. Entreneur life he I come. Is either I am or will never be mentality. Happy new year to everyone!
Photo by: Jordy Deleon

Throughout my journey performing my choreographies and acts with rubberbands; there has been a lot interesting donation like: sandwich, banana, ice cream, candies, chips, Starbucks coupons, Apple, and more. I think the one was on 12-25-14 (picture above) ; one man gave a $10 Mcdonald card and another one gave me a holiday cheers bingo or something with $2 winning prize and both said Merry Christmas lol.

The path between failure and sucess may be ugly and long. Like in a marathon there are multiple participants. Some run to say they participated and others run to win. In this type of marathon/journey anyone who reflects good self-steem, faith and interest towards their goals will win. Prize vary for every winner. How big and the quality of the prize depends on God's will and how hard was the marathon/journey from failure to sucess.

In case you wonder why I'm so nice doing crazy stuff with rubber bands. It's because of my dedication and passion for it. Today I wasn't able to do my exhibition as usual :(. My passion is so big that I went out with my camera man to take pics with the rainy and freezing weather.

México tribute to Roberto Gomez bolaños al ritmo quedradita.

Talia tribute to Roberto Gomez bolaños :)

Señora y señores yo no se de ustedes pero yo le voy a guardar respecto a Don Roberto Gomez bolaños "El Chavo del 8". Mi forma de hacérlo es no usar Facebook mientra no se termine el programa que tan dando en Univision(canal 41) en el cual le rinden un grandicimo homenaje; como se lo merece. Aver su homenaje sea a dicho...piii ppiiii pppiiii piii pi!....sigame los bueno.

Estoy 100% deacuerdo con lo que está escrito en esta foto. Debo agregar que de las pocas personas que admiro "el chavo" es uno de ello. No pierdo la esperanza de algún dia lograr tantos éxitos como el; escribir libros, hacer películas, y desarrollar múltiples personajes usando los talento que me dio Dios.

Today is my birthday. If there is one gift I want, it would be wisdom because with wisdom you don't just get whatever you want, also value and retain it. I know no one can give or teach me this better than God. Part of sucess is to be wise regarding God's plan with you, not being wise to the evil desires of your flesh. I do accept congratulations ;)

This is one of those days on which many of us(New Yorker) can relate. Instead of having a usual train ride from one location to your destination; you have to wait at least 10min to take a shuttle bus and is very crowded. :/

Just making a point. Sometimes you gotta touch rock bottom to have prosperity. No pain, no gain. Practice(perseverance) makes perfection(accomplishment) ;)....this describe my business life, but it only means one thing, which is: transition from worst to better. Photographed by: Jordy Deleon

This is not a Halloween mask. This is the mask I use for being a mime. To not talk is part of my job. Just to complete the instinct of mystery that everyone likes. All I hear while I perform is: does he talk?

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