Roy Collins

Roy Collins @royboyx

Wikitroid editor, achievement hunter and aspiring private investigator. See you next mission.

What dreams are made of. Chili Mac & Cheese courtesy of @mrsvitale. I'll probably eat the whole pot if nobody stops me. #HelpCrushHunger

Finally, a keychain that matches my tattoo. Thank you @metroiddatabase!

Made myself a tasty black bean and cilantro dip. This is stupidly easy - you throw everything into your food processor and blend it up. It's very versatile too. I plan to use it on some quesadillas tonight.

Sometimes when you learn self defense, you get hurt. #nopainnogain

Why am I still awake at 2am?

My Screw Attack tattoo, which I got early this year. #gamerink #tattoo #screwattack #metroid

Was bored, so I made this corn husk doll. What do you think?

I'm up late cooking pasta before bed because adulthood. Need to shave...

Night in.

New haircut.

I suck at selfies, but here I am joining another facet of social media.