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Had to honor Bob Ross with this phthalo blue sky tonight

Today was a good day

I hope everywhere is as beautiful as it is in the Twin Cities today :)

The Leaves They Are a-Changin'

The closest I'll ever get to capturing "if the sky is pink and white, if the ground is black and yellow"

The world would be a perfect place if it was filled with Mady Womacks, but I'm content knowing that I get to be with the one and only 💜 wishing a safe flight to my girl today as she heads down to GCU for another stellar year of school 🙂 #lopesup

This one's for Frank

Good morning from high in the sky!

Standing in the footsteps of Shoeless Joe Jackson

Beautiful girl with a beautiful view

Tonight's clouds in the Twin Cities were so magnificent that I had three separate people text me about them. Truly some of the best skies I've ever seen. Here's my favorite :)

Un. Real.

And here we have a waxing crescent moon over the marvelous Mississippi River

Last one.

Second take.


The Golden Arches Underneath A Cotton Candy Sky

Such pretty skies lately 😭

Too good to pass up

Sunday morning



You missed a spot

For Flip #RIPFlip

sup 🌥

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