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So happy to have served with members of President #Obama's administration during his time in office! Together, we've achieved marvelous things & helped others in communities that needed it most. #CoachD #ProudMoment 📷 credit: @rypimages

#TBT to my first radio interview at WCGL 1360AM. I was introducing my first novel and chatting about transforming your pain into purpose.
Later, I became the station's on-air personality, providing daily relationship tips on a broadcast entitled, "Relationship Perspectives". #GreatTimes #CoachD 📷 credit: @rypimages

Happy Tuesday, everyone! And, remember that today will be as great as you make it. #CoachD

I'm always happy when it's time to travel! I believe in exploring different places, scenes, and cultures. Working hard is fine, but don't forget to relax, and find ways to ENJOY life too. Time to rejuvenate! Have a blessed weekend. #CoachD

Who says you can't post a throwback on a Friday? #TBF #CoachD

Started my exercise regimen again on yesterday, and had to stop a moment to take in this awesome view. #ThereIsAGod #CoachD

Why did they stop their "Make it Rain" song when they discovered the video was rolling? #FamilyFun I love my kids! #Jaguars

Enjoying this beautiful, serene scenery behind me. Now, this is how to start the day! #HappyHolidays

#Jaguars got that W today & I was there for it! Jags-38 Titans-17. Great game. Family fun!

Good morning & happy Sunday to you! Just wanted to take a moment to speak love, health & prosperity into your universe today. Be sure to take this Sunday and relax, enjoy & do something special for yourself because you deserve it. Spoken words have power to create, so speak amazing things over your life today! #StayBeautiful #CoachD #pureradio

Words have power. Be careful how you choose to use them. #CoachD

Remembering #Pearl Harbor. Out of all the places I visited in Honolulu Hawaii this was one of the most memorable. #NeverForget #Throwback

#ShowtimeApollo been through hell & high water, but it's still standing. #OurHistory So many legends discovered here & I am so enjoying this show tonight. #TimeForAnotherVisit

Enjoying #ShowtimeApollo. Had to rub the good luck brown stump when I was there. So many legends have done the same. #LovingIt #Harlem #BlackHistory #CoachD

Auntie's babies! Times like these are all about family, love & beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, ham, ram, chicken, turkey, chicken, turkey... #YouNameIt #CoachD

Never suppress who YOU are, so that someone else can feel less threatened by the greatness that lies within you. You were created exactly as you are for a purpose, so don't ever bury your knowledge, talents and gifts in the sand, trying to be a people pleaser. BE FREE! DO YOU! REACH FOR EXCELLENCE! #CoachD

Looking forward to going back to ##NYC. Snow and all. Count me in!

#AlfreWoodard is an amazing actress who has been on the campaign trail motivating voters to vote early for Hillary Clinton. Got the opportunity to meet this awesome woman, and I must say that, she is a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you @realalfrewoodard for your diligence and for visiting Duval.

My daughter, #Model #AngelMarie and the one and only @reneelawless from #TylerPerry's #TheHavesAndTheHaveNots looking ever so stunning tonight. #HAHN #ReneeLawless #Gorgeous

Sharing a moment with the incomparable Ms. Alfre Woodard on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton. #ImWithHer #alfrewoodard #hillaryclinton #potus2016 #voteearly #CoachD

Guess my granddaughter didn't care for my version of the Happy Birthday song...LOL. #NotInterested #GrandmasTinka #OneYearsOld #FamilyTime #LibraSeasonBaby #IdRatherTalkOnThePhone

Really in shock right now to hear that Tommy Ford is hospitalized on life support. My heart & prayers go up for him & his family.
A couple of years ago, I spoke to Tommy over the phone about being a guest on my radio show. I can still hear his voice & laughter as if it were yesterday.
Great guy. Great heart. I'm trusting God to pull you through Tommy Ford. #MuchLove #TommyFord #Martin #ButGod

Just #grateful to have made it through the storm. My families intact. We're in good health. It's all good.

Okay #Atlanta.... Just had to stop by #GladysKnight Chicken & Waffles while visiting this weekend. The evacuation from #Jacksonville was a great reason to experience a needed getaway.

Don't operate out of your current situation. Operate out of your vision. Change your mindset, and you can overcome any fear, doubt, anxiety, and pessimism that is causing you to limit your capabilities. Remember, if you've done it once, you can do it again. Or, if someone has accomplished something on a smaller scale, you think bigger! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING THAT YOU SET YOUR MIND TO DO! #focus #CoachD

Congratulations to my daughter for now becoming a published magazine #model. #AngelMarie #commercialmodeling #vixen

When we accept what IS & let go of what how we wish things COULD BE, we'll feel less stressed & can move on to being HAPPY & CONTENT. #CoachD

Sometimes the problem isn't forgiving others, as much as it is about forgiving ourselves. Just know we all make mistakes & decisions that aren't always the best, but it's a part of how we learn & grow. FORGIVE YOURSELF WHAT WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW & EVEN FOR THE THINGS YOU MAY HAVE DECIDED TO OVERLOOK & PROCEEDED ANYWAY. Focus on the VALUE GAINED FROM THE EXPERIENCE, rather than the blaming yourself for something that is out of your control. #CoachD

One reason why #women are emotionalizers is because our limbic system, or "emotion brain" is generally larger than that of men. I love teaching workshops on "GENDERED COMMUNICATION" and how our brain differences affect how we #communicate in our #relationships.

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