Roman Bürki

Roman Bürki @rbuerki

Happy Birthday mi amigo 🎂 @marcbartra

We had a great Time here in Marbella☀️Thanks for having us🖤💛 #38 .
Thank u @bvb_rbuerki for the Video

It feels so good to be back on the pitch🙃 everything is getting better and better 🙌🏽 #38
Repost @skysportde

Good Luck for the Team today in the first game in 2017💪🏽 I'm on my way back 🤙🏽🏃🏻 #38

✨Happy New Year to all of you✨ thanks a lot for your support in the good and the bad times❣️ I wish you all the best for 2017💛

Nice to see my Bro @danielmandalo again in 🇨🇭 #38

I'm on my way Home 🇨🇭
See u next Year in the most beautiful Stadium!🖤💛

Miss the Days on the pitch.. but I work hard to come back soon as possible 💪🏽 looking forward to play again with the team 💛

GoodLuck for tonight Boys ⚽️💛 #uefachampionsleague

Well done Boys 💪🏽 @bvb09

Hey Leute💛
Ich bin immer noch überwältigt von den zahlreichen, positiven und aufmunternden Nachrichten die Ihr mir zugeschickt habt.. Ihr könnt euch gar nicht vorstellen, wie gut es sich anfühlt, solche Leute um sich zu haben. Es ist eine sehr schwierige Situation für mich. Aber ich verspreche Euch, dass ich stärker zurückkommen werde 💪🏽 Ich danke Euch von Herzen💛
Bis bald

💛BVB 1:0 FCB💪🏽 Together we made it⚽️💛

Con mi hermano📸 @simax_09

Thank u all so much for your lovely messages and posts🌹 it means at lot to me, especially this video from my little bro❤️ I'm so proud to call u my brother🙏🏽😘 @m_buerki93 #38

Happy Birthday Bro @andreschuerrle @andreschuerrle with @repostapp

Very important win yesterday 💪🏽 we made it to the next round 💛 #blackandyellow #38 #ucl

⭐️Tonight is ChampionsLeague again⭐️ Action speak louder than Words..! #blackandyellow #38

👻🎃💀Happy Halloween 💀🎃👻 @nicolas_krause

One last Training before the DERBY tomorrow 🔥⚽️ #blackandyellow #38

What a Fight yesterday.. it was hard but we did it💪🏽 So proud of the squad🔥 #blackandyellow #38

We are 300K💛 Thanks for your support 🙏🏽 #blackandyellow #38

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On our way to Lisboa. 🐝. 🇵🇹

GAMEDAY💛 BVB - HerthaBSCBerlin #blackandyellow #38

Happy to be back in Town😎💛 #blackandyellow #38

After a great game yesterday, we are already on the way to Andorra 🇦🇩 #roadtorussia @michaellang91

🇭🇺 : 🇨🇭 ready for the next step on our road to Russia 🇷🇺

Disappointed about last night, but we already made our minds up. Now I'm on my way to the national team 🇨🇭 #blackandyellow #38

THE Hymn in our Stadium... 💛⚽️

💪🏽💛 BVB 2 : 2 Real Madrid ⚽️ Was a nice Game and an incredible atmosphere in the Stadium 👏🏽 #blackandyellow #38

💛✌🏽️✌🏽️💛 #blackandyellow #38

On the way back home after a successful ChampionsLeague game💪🏽💛 #Repost @juweigl with @repostapp
Auf nach Hause😊😎 !! Mit Business man @rbuerki #bvb #09 #bro #champions #league

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