dro burns

dro burns @rb.professorx

here's a taste of my life, it's bitter and sweet //
trust the process


we gon do some things you can't relate

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I'm only here to give you guidance, so come with me just try this. You know the devil is a lie kid...

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dear baby you the picture of perfection, straight from your million dollar smile to my attraction to your complexion.

working grave just counting the time
on my break I wrote a song bout the love of my life
this ain't right
couple dollars and change
walking home in the rain
jump in front of the train
bitch I might

recollection of misdirection
the outside looking in
comfort in my introspection
won't place hope in an election
guard my thoughts with harsh discretion
dancing with demons always fighting depression

solitude or gratitude
blessings in the air but they aren't after you
intuition tells me your intentions aren't true
you're not oblivious to my stance
changed overnight happened out of the blue
wish you acted like the same person I once knew
now I have to search for clues
just to find the real you

head to the sky until you touch that, and even when you're suntapped, you're beaming like a starlite...

two tears on the inside stuck in the mud