Ray Camarillo

Ray Camarillo @raylcam33

Wearing the gift his Tio got him


Connor and MJ with there mom @samanthaaaaaaaac

Happy Birthday my baby sister and may you be blessed with many more. I Love You

My new Beautiful baby neice

Happy Birthday Flaca

Happy Birthday Connor Ray
Tio Loves you

And this man makes breakfast....Damn ja ja


Get your fat ass to move ja ja ja

Using the gift his Tio gave him....Love you C.Ray

Happy Fathers Day

Flaca and my little man baby Mack

My kiddos just missing C.Ray

Love this little guy to death

My Smart and Handsome Nephew Connor

My handsome little guy

The cutiest thing of my weekend ha ha

Chasing after Connor Ray

Its a beautiful sight when your alone ha ha

Chef Ray since I woke up early made breakfast

Last star of the night and the sunrise....Damn

I would like to think there's a bit of there tio in there looks but they are one of a kind #CRL and #MAS

Nap Time

Happy Birthday to me

His Tio's gift for his 1st birthday

My little man turns 1 today Happy Birthday Connor Ray Tio Loves you

Me and my boys Connor Ray(R) and Mackie Alejandro(L)

UFC 192

Beautiful and Cool @paigevanzantufc

She was Awesome

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