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Little Lion Man


You will be missed my princess, may the force be with you.
Carrie Fisher (1956-2016).

O majestic ray of sun lead us to the darkest land to wander, to give every shadows a wonder.
Tell the sweet old poet to sing the story, about the man and their journey.

Hitting four, like never before


Freudigen Morgen

Halcyon days

The one that i put on my pedestal
Taken at Malam Puncak SPECTRE



Anakin and luke

I've wandered 'round your darkened land all night

In each of every direction they gazed upon

Bujang 4.0 (E-xtra joss version)


Pardon the annoyed-because-of-taylorswift's 22-song-been-looping-as-the camera-seize-the-moment face

Love them tho😁

Mi Verwandtschaft

We want you! To see the force awakens today🤘🏻

Happy 3rd my lilypad🍻

Here's for another awesome years ahead!
It's been a helluva years, the trip, the booze, the fight, the maturity, the seminar (actually it's yours), the prague, the everything that I've been through and you've been through, the speakers, the nismara, the thing where you go to my hometown, and all the things that matter and not-so-matter that affect our's entirely.
Cheers to all of it!🍻
Love ya rockhead😘

And the journey end

When in rome

The journey may have ended,but our's never

Twist and turn and twirl

Have been recalling to the place when we were about to savor all the moment in each of every stroke wherever the boat goes, each of tiny little things we've seen and each of every interesting corner we've found. The weight of my shoulder didn't mean a thing though while you lie down all the time on it. Maybe because of love and happiness,it's through. The boat hit the stop and we've reached our end of destination. Whereas mine, it's you.

Happy 15 did😘

Schon Schön🇦🇹🇦🇹

The reunite


Le Bière Blanche




It's always better when we're together, till we meet again love

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1. Fix you - Coldplay

2. Pulang - Float

3. 155 - +44
4. Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra

5. Let's do it - Ella Fitzgerald

6. Roman Ketiga - White shoes & The couples company

7. Tighten Up - The Black Keys

8. Pergi Tanpa Pesan - Sore

9. Let your heart Hold Fast - Fort Atlantic

10. Ahmad Band - Aku cinta kau dan dia

11. Tragedi - Seringai

12. Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkey

13. Trivium - Strive

14. Komorebi - Mondo Gascaro

15. Irish Girl - The tress and the wild

Now it's yours 😎


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