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I had to turn this away from the customers. They kept laughing.

Trump's not even sworn in and already the racial partitioning begins...

Thanksgiving feast on the Capitol Corridor.

Had cake and coffee in this cafe in Budapest.

Looks like I feel....

The Band at Hand. Really awesome.

It is possible to be too groggy to drink coffee safely.

Yes, it says "Gelatinous Mutant Coconut."

Yes, I am afraid I am offended. How dare they name their crappy rice beer "America"? Anything for a buck. This is the cheapest stunt yet. By the way, there are words from Woody Guthrie's "This Land" on the label. Are the Guthrie family getting royalties? What would YOUR guess be?

Me with Richard and Rene of Cold Shot.

Is it just me, or does this remind you of Wonder Woman's shorts?

Mother's Day night. We went looking for this place, and lights were on and the Open signs lit, but the door was locked. Weird. We sat in the car a while, and eventually a lady came out of and put on more lights and peered out at us, but she was scowling, so we left and went elsewhere. This was well within their posted hours of operation.

Looks like the manufacture needs to hire a better label-write so as to avoid confusing the custom. I keep hearing how English is becoming the international language. I say " none dare call it English."

Oh no! They'll be back!

It lay derelict for years. Now it is restored and a first-class venue. Broadway, Oakland.

Private car, Oakland Yard.

Still get as thrilled listening to this as I did at nineteen. Love reign oe'r me....

You are what you eat.

Always nice to have a candy bar named after me. I feel like Baby Ruth.

Some of my best friends ...

...part of this complete breakfast...

Ho boy! Wingtips! And steel-toed ones at that!

The last two sugar withdrawal symptoms.

Main concourse, 21:55.

So, how do I manage the long hours and the sometimes aggravating conditions? I'll give you a clue.

If you can't put your own food in the Amtrak refrigerators, ( but you can let it get soggy in an ice chest), and you aren't allowed to heat anything of your own in the Amtrak microwave, and you have to pay retail for the train food, which I do not eat anyway-/what do you eat?

Electrical locker in Safetyland.

The Panic box, or as I like to think of it, Safetyland.

Loco Moco at 4th Street Bowl Coffee Shop. Mmmmm. Ono.

Follow up from last week.

These tie in with the "You're not yourself when you're hungry" campaign. Still looking for "Abusive Motherfucker" and "Sexually Incontinent" bars that were pulled off the market at the last minute. A few got through and are considered collector's items.

Yum. Build your own!

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