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Finger guns and STRFKR and the awkward voice of Brian Sella and Grace and Robin Williams movies and skateboarding downhill and a whole lot of Q.

Shes beauty and shes GRACE shes miss united states. #ohyeaaaaah

I stole this from em's spam account but um wow I am a lucky human being. Just I cant believe how depressed I was a couple months ago and now...idek. I have the most amazing best friend on the fucking planet...seriously...and I have a group of friends I have grown with for such a long time and they make me feel loved and warm and treat me like I'm special and like I belong and I just have never been this happy and I'm so so so beyond fucking grateful for you guys and like idk I've fallen in love with all of you and just thank you for being there through all of it. Thank you for staying alive and in return giving me a reason to live. I love you guys.

My friends are the kind of people that make you think, "how the hell did I get so lucky?" #whathappensatwest

I love listening to punk when im doing shitty ass spanish hw and i love Mr.Thomson and i love tie dye shirts and Palo Alto the movie is pretty fucking gr8 and i love my extremely beautiful friends and god fucking bless gummy bears because theyre fucking fantastic and i most of all, as surprisingly easy it is to not, i love loving things.......gummy bears especially.............because theyre fucking spectacular. #gummylivesmatter #whathappensatwest

Dont know why I never posted this but I want it on my ig so enjoy the throwback

This pic isnt of all of you, but i love you guys🏡🏡 #whathappensatwest

Flashback to when I had blonde hair and had a soul. -the girl who cant wink for shit

Okay I promise this is the last pic from the lame yellow wall shoot. Besides that, Green Days new album is pretty sweet.🐒

Me trying to take a normal photo without dying of laughter

@wowza_grace took this and i love her more than life

Pixies-Where is my Mind, Nirvana-Creep, and MGMT-Time to Pretend. Listen to these songs and make sure its dark in your room, lay down on your back, on your bed (or on the floor), and close your eyes. Feel the song, let your stress absorb into the music like a sponge and bang your head to the drums and play the air guitar and celebrate yourself even though the election and other shit might be stressing you out. Feel warmth in the cold because its easy to be sad when a lot of things suck, but its extraordinary to be happy when everything...well when everything still sucks.

Grace R., Cloie, David, Shane, Emily, Frankie, Noah, and Peter B. There are more of you guys out there but thanks for being such good friends. Rip my lame shout outs.

Ugh I wish I could decide how to feel about certain people.

I kinda miss my blonde hair...

Life's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. But you do know you're allergic to chocolate....and that's just fucking great.

Used to be a rant here, deleted it lol

Picture of me talking with my face all weird-enjoy it why u can cuz im so fukin deleting this

WHEN UR FRIENDS ARE SAVAGE ASF @orangesqueezy @frankie_xd23 @peter_buddensiek πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

For all u hoes out there😘 no im not pushin my boobs together with my arm-thats lame asf and i dont play that way, i play halo instead.

Ok this is just a part of it but i love our squad. @frankie_xd23 @mickels22 @emily__rose22 @fierywaterbuffalo @xhorror_storyx @peter_buddensiek @cello_fello ❀️

"I don't want to swim the ocean,
I don't want to fight the tide,
I don't want to swim forever,
When it's cold I'd like to die."

Currently addicted to the office and cod


This sandwich was too freaking amazing @fierywaterbuffalo

I guess u could call me L-dog. Wicka wicka wicka freshhh. Word.

What. Are. Those.

Oh Marsha thats a bench of crap.

Sometimes you open your eyes and you stare at the wall and you think of the shitty things in life and the screwed up things that come with being a teenager. You look at the ceiling and you cant even tell the color because your mind is lighting up and exploding with color-dark colors, colors that don't fill but shade. Shades of greys and blacks and reds. You fill that wall with your anger and you paint it with pity. All you want to do is go back to bed and forget about the homework you didn't do the other night and the friends you lost and the way you look sometimes and the other shitty things. But then you roll your body and get up out of bed. You walk over to the lamp and you turn on the light. The light that fills the walls and the empty space and the light that adds color. Your mind sinks it in and you're drowning in pinks and yellows and greens and purples- no you're blossoming in colors! You remember that hell, life's amazing. And finally you stop painting the walls with dark shades and think of your friends and your parents and your Spotify playlist and your favorite foods and that hilarious joke you told to your class last week and when everyone laughed. You remember the crazy stuff you did as a kid and what it feels like when you jump in a pool. You remember when you and your friends stayed up all night on Skype roasting each other and having a blast. You remember the fantastic parts of life and everything lights up. Your head is full of color and excitement and wonder and everything you could imagine.
But the most important thing to remember is that all you have to do is open your eyes. You get up and you go over to that light and turn it on. Live a fantabulously colorful life and remember the good times everyday. Because sometimes, the lights all it takes.