paraffinbricks @paraffinbricks

32. Georgia.

Pending: hand shakes^high fives^proper dap^most importantly grippin' my gf's ass when she hugs my neck after a busy day @ work.hypothetically though. I don't have a gf. I have a skateboard. its a Brunette. 8.25 x 32. it's pretty nifty...

first Sunday communion ^ krooks ^ vibes ^ L

nothing better to do...

hyprr ^ no board ^ inside ^ cabin fever ^ Twilight box set ^ smo' byself ...

whatever, you're beautiful.

screenshot a selfie you shared but deleted shortly afterwards used it as my wallpaper today didn't feel ashamed about it only slightly creepish couldn't help it I was enchanted by your magnetism...

sorry Love, I'm promiscuous.

fat on flat warm up



How to Become a Better Skateboarder
Step 2 : replenish nutrients/hydrate

98% screenshots 1.75% fappable nudes .25% board clips


holding hands ^ driving fast

holding hands in the park sliding on rocks nshit

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