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"This is President-elect Donald Trump as you have never seen him before: up close and personal and made entirely of wax. For five months, the team at Madame Tussauds has been quietly prodding, polishing and painting the face of the 45th President of the United States. The hair on his head was made from human and yak hair; his eyebrows come from the hair of squirrels. The figure is now headed to Washington, D.C., just in time for the inauguration. (Photo by CNN)"

Congrats on your M.Sc @animaddo. Is PhD next? 😁

Care to see what tomorrow's got in stock? #Tomorrow #ArchiveOfAchievements

Ose. Na gode. Daalu. Merci. Gracias. Ngiyabonga. Thank You 🙂
Which language did I miss out? 😁 #2017

@myjoshuaville is 7 today!!! Families have been made, children have been born, love has been shared.
Congratulatobia!!!! #JoshuaVilleMoments #JoshuaVilleAt7

Slow me down, Lord, and quiet my heart tonight. Favor me with an acute awareness of Your presence as I meditate quietly for the next several minutes. I want to know You, God, so I can indeed move well beyond that 'poor average of current religious experience.' Amen.

Goon mi lati Ibadan! Happy Birthday Bro! Godspeed this new year #BirthdayMan #PappySarmie #2017

Christmas Day was lit! Happy married life @omokaroid and @barilee_ #OMOBEE2016 #TBT

It's the first of the year! Care to join us? 😁 #WorshipAndWarfare

Since 2005, my phones have all been gifts, but for one that I purchased with my money.
Is someone about to close my year in style by gifting this @huaweimobile P9 Plus to me? 😁 #ISeeYou

When you watch a relationship grow, and you are as excited at the end of the new beginning, as you were at the beginning. Make sense? 😁@omokaroid @barilee_ #GradeAPhilosophy 😉 #OMOBEE2016 #FlashbackFriday

This is what happens when you wed on Christmas Day 🙂. Congratulations @omokaroid and @barilee_. God bless your union! 🎩 👰 #OMOBA2017 #ChristmasDay

They're off to the cloud! #OMOBA2017 #ChristmasDay

If you like take your wedding to Jupiter, he will support you all the way! This is the man!!!! @ebbsbolo sorry Ma, that we keep taking him from you 😁 #PT #FatherToAll #REGEO2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you King George and Queen Victoria Anselem #REGEO2016

#Queen: I don hammer! Oya, collect the ring!! 😂🎥 #REGEO2016

Doing my best man duties from MMIA, thanks to @davidebuk. Congrats Bro. See you in a bit 🎉🤗🎺🎄🎥🎤 #ReGeo2016

Do you know Architect Love? 🙂 #Season #ICYMI #Christmas #Hashtag 😁

So there's this wonderful cousin of mine, @moj_ojo, and today is her birthday 🎉
God will always give you reasons to smile.

It appyaas that I've always been the blind one 🙂.
December 4 wouldn't be complete if @animaddo wasn't born on this day. We aff teyyyy together, e remain small for us to siamese as adult... She's got such a wonderful spirit.
Happy birthday Ola Ola. God bless you!

Just when you think there's no great enough to turn your fears to joy... #HeIsGod #Omniscient

GENUINE QUESTION: Is this football or gymnastics? #AFCvPSG

Congratulations @funkebucknor for being shortlisted by @bbcnews on the BBC 100 Women List #FBO #100At40 #BBC100Women

#NOW2016 - A Sound!

NIGHT OF WORSHIP 2016: A night to NEVER forget! #NOW2016

It's going down today, y'all! #NOW2016

He's in town people! #1DayToGo #NOW2016

Camera roll 🎥... #1DayToGo #NOW2016

Happy birthday #Papi @inewtonjr. Is this the Newton? "Not your consign" 😎🚶#CatEye #Kobnomi

ARE YOU READY???!!!! #2DaysToGo #NOW2016

Have you heard? Do you know? Are you ready? #4DaysToGo #NOW2016

#KeepCalm... But really, can we? #5DaysToGo #NOW2016

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