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Pray,love,give,care,feel, smile,laugh,cook,eat,be the best you can be. Glorify His name!My family is my life! Jesus is my God! (Phil 4:13)

Thank you Brunei! ✈️🇧🇳 Cant wiat to see my kiddos! Thank you @kathydupaya We had a great time! Happy birthday! We ❤️️you!! Thanks sis! Love u! @ynez_veneracion888

Having fun with my girls....hahahahaha #CrazyBunch #Love #Family

Mamaya na po...Abangan pagtapos ng Its Showtime... @ipaglabanmoabscbn IPAGLABAN MO kasama sila @megimperial at @alyanaasistio sa kwento ng "HUSTISYA" #Ofw #hustisya Kapag May Katuwiran...Ipaglaban Mo!! @abscbnpr @starmagicphils @vidanes_cm @betchayvidanes

Touchdown!! ✈️🇧🇳 Take two!! #AnotherWeekendInBrunei with @officialalynnaasistio

Caption this!!! God is awesome! Thank you Lord! With you in my life the world is in my hands! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! #blessed #grateful

Thank you Ayessa for my personalized passport holder in my favorite color! I love ❤️ it!!! 😍😘👍 @byayessa #personalizedpassportholder #nadia ✈️

2nd meeting of the day! On to the 3rd. Happy, positive, productive day!!! Thank you Lord! 🎈🎈🎈 @betchayvidanes @katiamontenegropla @robinhoodpadilla Excited!!!

Hahahaha.... Yes!! Food!! 😳😜👍😁

Kapag nasa katuwiran, IPAGLABAN MO!!! @ipaglabanmoabscbn sabado na pagtapos ng It's Showtime.
Kasama sina @megimperial at @alyanaasistio #IpaglabanMo @vidanes_cm @betchayvidanes

Trivia & Facts about BRUNEI 🇧🇳 & The Royal Family of Brunei. #KingBolkiah ~Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has an estimated net worth of $20,000,000,000.00 as of 2008. (Thats around P960,000,000,000,000 pesos). Yes!!! Trillion! You read it right!!! 😜😳👑 ~He has 12 children with 3 different women. ~The palace is the largest royal residence in the world. With 1,788 rooms, 278 bathrooms, 5 grand swimming pools & 110 car garage. ~He has atleast 7000 cars and has bought over $789,000,000 worth of high performance cars. According to Guiness World Records hes collection has more than 600 Rolls Royce, more than 450 Ferrerris & 134 Koenigseggs the largest collection of that brand of cars in the world. ~He also owes the very last Rolls Royce Phantom 6. And his palace is the biggest palace in the world wc is bigger than the vatican. Palace is worth $350,000,000.00 with a floor area of 2,152,782 sq ft.
#brunei2017 #Nadia'sTravels2017

Good Morning from 🇧🇳 Brunei! #TheEmpireHotel #6*hotel #Brunei2017 #Nadia'sTravels2017 #SouthChinaSea

The Empire Hotel & Country Club #Brunei2017 #blessed #Nadia'sTravels2017 @theempirehotelbrunei @Travelex #Travelex #HawkBags

Hello from Brunei 🇧🇳#Nadia'sTravel2017 @garie_concepcion @officialynnaa @domroque @jaymanalo30 #JayAr #Brunei2017

#Brunei2017 🇧🇳✈️ #blessed @jaymanalo30 #JayAr

Boarding!!! ✈️#brunei2017 🇧🇳 @domroque @officialynnaa @annadasig

Weekend in Brunei!!! @jaymanalo30 @officialynnaa #JayAr

#Repost from @shaina_magdayao Lunch break sa set w this beautiful girl! My newest eating companion sa set. Hahahaha... #TheBetterHalf

Meet the Villalobos Family!! Abangan si @shaina_magdayao bilang si Camille. Si Rommel Padilla bilang Edgar @omengq #Zeppi bilang si Julio, Carlo Aquino @liwanag11 bilang si Marco, at ako bilang si Susan sa "The Better Half" Kasama din sina Jc De Vera, Denise Laure at marami pang iba. Malapit na!! Directed by Jeffrey Jetturian. Mula sa @abscbn #Taping #FirstTapingDayFor2017 #Blessed #gmounit

Good Morning!! ☀️☀️☀️ Thank you Jesus for another day!

My Date!!! My not so baby boy!!! #bondingTime #CrepeTime @rednaxasistio 😘 love ❤️ you!!!

One of my prayer list for 2017 is to spend time with people i love and treasure (aside from my family of course) i plan to date my closest friends and make time for those who in return will make time for me. (Good deal?👍diba?) hahahaha.. fair naman yun! I'll make time for those who have time for me. Last year was kinda hectic. 1 year run of Tubig at langis, plus my kids, family, business etc etc that took all my time. This year will be different so i made sure i started with someone super duper special. @drayq2002 you dont know how happy i am to see you. You will alwaya be on top of my list. Life is just so much better with you in it. One of the most selfless person in the world. Walang masamang tinapay, gentle, and most of all a true friend. Love you Papa Doc! Thank you for always taking care of Boy, my kids, my entire family and me of course! Iba ka! Nagiisa ka! #ATrueFriend #Friendship

My newest bestfriend in the kitchen! @kelloggs_corn_flakes @kelloggscornflakesCrumbs #NoFat #NoCholesterol #BreadingBecomesEasy&Healthy Thank you @kellogs_official #CucinaNiNadia #cookingwithNadia #Nadia'sKitchen #cookingwithnadiam @KellogsCornFlakesCrumbs #kellogscornflakes #cornflakescrustedfishfillet

Celebrity Chef Alyana Asistio on this month's cover of FH&S. Pls get a copy now! Thanks! #VCMArtist @alyanaasistio #FH&SMagazine #JanuaryCover #CelebrityChef

Happy birthday 🎈🎉🎂 KATIA!!! @katiamontenegropla I love you! More blessings, promotion, happiness, peace & good health! #birthdaygirl #01032017

Sorry Big Bird & Miss Piggy! Had to end 2016 with you...with a bang 💥 💥!!!! #Turkey #Lechon thanks for the turkey @katiamontenegropla #cookingwithnadia #cookingwithnadiam #foodporn #newyear2016 #cucinaninadia @cucinaninadia

Pork Schnitzel with potato gnocchi in butter sauce. #cookingwithnadia #cookingwithnadiam #cucinaninadia @cucinaninadia #foodporn #newyear2016

My 4 Cheese Mac n' Cheese!!!
Cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan with crispy smoked bacon. #NewYear2016 @cucinaninadia #foodporn #cucinaninadia #cookingwithnadiam #cookingwithnadia

My baby sister @pupipla I ❤️ u!!!

She fulfilled her promise to spend time with us before the year ends. I was being sarcastic but im happy she took it seriously so i got to see my baby sister @pupipla and bonus pa with her love Paul and my 2 nephews!! Love you sis! Sayang wala si lakwacherang bunso natin @neaple Dad is surely smiling in heaven. You completed my CHRISTmas! God is awesome! He knew what would make me happy! See you soon! #BabySister #Family #SisterLove #Blessed #PlaSiblings @arch.hutchmontenegropla @iamtaniamontenegro @katiamontenegropla

Merry Christmas from the Montenegro's #Christmas2016

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