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Sarthak Patil @notsarthakpatil

I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable.

Last day of school pt.2.
Very serious vibes. Very sad vibes.
Try not to cry.
And I didn't.

Stay serious, stay foolish. :)
Last day of school. *insert some really sad poem*
You guys are the best.

Don't smile to make your face look slim take 1

Sausages with Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes.
So American. :p

When dreams stay packed for 2 years.
And I don't even know where my keyboard went.

Inner perfection

*Enter some song lyrics or random quote*

You when your friend's crush offers him a ring of Polo.

When your Maths teacher starts teaching.

P.S: My photos are back!!

It gets weird if you look at the fingers for more than 10 seconds.

Happy birthday Yug bhau!
I hope you get loads of happiness in the future. 😁❤

Guess who? Hashtag baba @sidhesh.17

Meat and Bean chili :)
So American :p

Some things media won't ever show.
From Ronaldo's Documentary.

After munching Tandoori, Butter Chicken and Biryani.

Someone: "Paise nai h bhai"

Reposting my lost creativity.

To something,
almost every Indian knows about because of this show, but none celebrate it. (Oh I'm so controversial)

My mother can create paradise on a plate.❤


When my words fail to seize you,
The rains will fall silently,
The stars will burn brighter,
The ashes will fly like birds,
And the meek will rule. (What did I even write?)


When you stuff half of the nachos in your mouth but you gotta smile.

When you play with a toddler and she doesn't laugh

Losers walk!
Losers talk!
Losers rhyme.

So Joey played the role of Mac.
And he had a robot sidekick named CHEESE.

Throwback :') ❤
Commerce wale Yug bhaiya krte h bohot padhai.

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