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Designer, Photographer, Creative Director
NoPattern Studio | Havas Annex

Bittersweet, a night I will never forget. #ObamaFarewell #YesWeCan #Obama / thank you @duncan @wilce92

Proud to be here. Proud of this city. Proud of this country. Proud of this incredible, kind, humble, respectful leader. Thank you President Obama. #YesWeCan #ObamaFarewell

friend of the night

Happy 2016! My @chicagobulls takeover begins now ✌️

Tomorrow, 12.10.16 / 11AM / @notre_shop 118 N Peoria, Chicago. Nike AF1 'Chi-Town' shoe release + limited edition prints from myself & @jasonmpeterson being auctioned off w/ all proceeds going to #Chicago after-school programs.

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cold world

I was asked by @espn to create a tribute to the @cubs for a feature that is now running live on The morning after the Cubs won the NLCS I drove over to Wrigley at 6AM to take pictures of the stadium and capture the morning-after feeling of the area. It was surreal to say the least. Proud of my city of #Chicago, proud of the #Cubs, and proud to be a part of this feature with 9 other amazing artists. Link in my bio.

"feels good to be home"

Chicago: tonight @ @the.annex 1620 w Chicago Ave, come out for our @westtownartwalk event w/ myself, @ddesigns_ @jasonmpeterson & @leftyoutthere. 5-8pm. #chicago

11 years ago, when I was 20 years old, @lupefiasco asked me to work with him to create the artwork for his upcoming debut album. 10 years ago today, that album - 'Food & Liquor' - was released.

Of the 100s of projects I've worked on in my career, this stands out as one of the most special and memorable. Lupe told me he wanted this to look like nothing else in hip-hop, that people wouldn't know what to think and that he didn't care, and he just wanted to do something 100% him. I respected those values so much and 10 years later am super proud of what we created together. I did everything from the photo of him to the photos of his possessions to the design, while @rostarrnyc did the amazing lettering. Lupe even suggested I drop a NoPattern reference in the cover, which you can see on the right side by his knee - a NoPattern logo pin. So - needless to say there's a ton of reason why this whole thing was so cool for me to be a part of.

Much love and respect to @lupefiasco for still having all those values today and fully doing what he wants and nothing else.

Recently, Lupe did a guided audio tour of the making of this album and goes into detail about the artwork. You can hear that at

Damn I'm old.

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distant memory

persistent vision

skyline to

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6am lakeside fever dream #NP_PostMemory

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color y forma II / valencia dreaming #np_unrealarchitecture

color y forma

@chicagobulls hardcore

Made a new account called @nopattern.etc to show off the more "etc/misc" things I make but don't typically post here, like these emoji mandalas I make entirely on Snapchat. Follow @nopattern.etc for the more random side of my work

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