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It is good to be back home with #wifezilla ... so bad the first video was a fail, posting it anyways! The #wifezillaseries are getting dangerous ... #burnedleg

Cant wait to see the love of my life @solennheussaff tomorrow! Here is a little behind the scenes of our prenup pictures!

I ll be always there to hold you baby, unless you make me wear super tight pants that dont allow me to flex my legs to grab you properly! 😠😠😠 Summary of our love story ☝

#fearthepants #wifezillaseries

The only sad part about visiting home is saying good bye to them when they drop me at the airport. They always pretend to be happy of my departure, but they are loosing their acting skills. We went through this 31 times already, and it is not getting easier! Will be always in debt with these two, they gave me and keep giving me everything!

We share the passion for 🍉 ... we also love princess, unicorns, Frozen, Peppa, Minions, Kinder Eggs and colored crayons.

Vicente, the 4 years old neighbour, is getting too close to Isabela! I might need to take extreme measures!

Pouting and flexing! Easier with family! @josefinabolzico

One year ago I believed that jumping in a 1 degree glaciar water was a good idea, 365 days later, I still think it was the best idea ever! Hypothermia? Nah!
Please ignore the size of my intimate parts, the water was very cold and the video does not reflect reality!

2017 with half of the Hilgert side of the family, the rest already partying! We look pretty normal ... only in pictures!

Happy 2017 to the world!
Every year my nieces wear less clothes! I am afraid that by 2022 they will be naked in this picture! .... this is mainly because of your influence @solennheussaff ... they look up to you ... TOO MUCH! 😠😠😠 @claribolzico @josefinabolzico @juanibolzico @lucassvillanueva8

Exactly one year ago we decided to sign the most important contract of our lifes! Feels unreal to have the privilege to spent the rest of my life next to someone as special and unique as you! It is clear that I got the best out of this deal; however, I will work the rest of my life to make you feel the opposite!
Love you so much and cant wait to keep discovering the different #wifezilla's levels!
PS: I know you forgot about this aniversary, but dont worry, not a big deal.

With @aletrabattoni ... Challenging the system since 1986!

Cousin Paddle Challenge! We might not look alike but the rage reactions when loosing a point and the flying raquets, are a common factor that runs in our blood!
For some reason my nipples are very visible! Weird, it was 30 degrees.

El Clasico! The score? Who cares, what matters is that we all had fun.

Disclaimer: we lost and I almost burned the whole field, shoot myself in the knees and change religion ... very fun though, very fun! 😠🔫

Feliz Navidad! Family is not complete without wifezilla. We all miss you @solennheussaff ... my brother not that much! #haircutonitsway

Merry Xmas from Nico's angels! @claribolzico @josefinabolzico @juanibolzico

Our tradicion! You can not choose family, but you can choose friends; that is why I dont understand why I have these ones for the last 20 years!

For these guys Mondays are the new Saturdays! Steak, wine and truco (Argentine Poker) till 4 am. Age average: 62 (actual data)

A few highlights of the night:

1- We found the way to achieve world peace (twice).
2- Three of them claimed to know who framed Roger Rabbit.
3- Football and Politics: these topics had to be suspended coz potential fist fights.
4- Are fruits a dessert?
5- Many stories started with the phrase: "When I was your age ... "
6- After a few wines already had five commited investors for Agriculture in the Philippines (made them signed the contracts na)

Every generation of our family improves the genetics ... this is because we use better stalions! Our turn @solennheussaff! With Nico's Angels: @claribolzico @josefinabolzico @juanibolzico

Even when we are 17,000 km apart, #wifezilla keeps sending me reminders so I dont forget who is the boss! #wifezillaseries #ineedhelp

With my hermano @nachoithurburu playing at @rinconaltopolo ... my helmet at 45 degrees is a total fail; however, my horseface is a total match #horsefacesunited

Getting ready for Polo at @rinconaltopolo ... transition from @paezph to boots! My face gets longer everyday, is this ever gonna stop?

When you dont have a boat but the food is on the opposite coast! ☝ No horses were drowned but still cant find my cousin! At @rinconaltopolo with @nachoithurburu

Having a family discussion w my twin brothers! Why am I pouting like an idiot? Not sure, but taking a selfie w 2 horses is one of the 3 most difficult things I ve done in my life! #horsefacesunited #cantfindtheargentineflagemoticon #home

This is the closest I ll get to sexy times this month! Boxing nalang!

LM10 Corp Group Christmas Party! Time to pretend to be serious! #nothingfunnytoadd 😯 actually .......

The besties talking about babies and getting excited! #wifezilla showing a classy 90 degrees sit down pose!

Last week at the Krispy Kream event! Undecided between licking @jessdiazwilson or @ilovegeorgina. I ll rather El Ritzo but he was too far, is that even your arm @moritzgastl? ... #lifechoices .... Wifezilla reacting to this post in 3, 2, 1 ...

Ok ok stop everything! ... I still can not get over this! Wifezilla might kill me this time but the world needs to know how Batman can help agriculture! #wifezillaseries

First Best Practices Rendering Seminar at LM10! It is difficult for them to take me seriously after so many #wifezilla stories! #agriculture

Wifezilla vs the fly episode 2. That fly has been living with us for the last 9 months, I call her Betty! #wifezillaseries

Learning to take a selfie from the selfie king himself! For pouting lessons call 0800 - 999 - SEMBLAT

Working out this morning with Wifezilla! Since "sexy times" was cancelled for a month, I am training 3 times a day ... (promise to wear a tshirt in my coming posts)

One of my weekend mornings rituals! Wifezilla talking to the mirror! She feels Milennial but we are actually Centurenials! #wifezillaseries

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