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"Elizabeth is my pride, but Margaret is my joy." #TheCrown via @vanessa__kirby

Forgot to put self-control on the list of New Year's resolutions... again.

A rare sighting of Lemony Snicket and Count Olaf in the same room. Something truly terrible must have happened.

The official Netflix Genre Dimmer.

Neil Patrick Harris and the cast of #ASOUE star in our A Series of Unfortunate Selfies instastory.
A Series of Unfortunate Events comes to Netflix this Friday the 13th.

March 7th @amyschumer is laying it all out there on Netflix #theleatherspecial

"I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it." Congratulations to our Crown jewel Claire Foy & the entire cast and crew of @thecrownnetflix for their #GoldenGlobes wins! #SheRules 👑 Photo via @goldenglobes

The Netflix nuclear family. 📸 via @drewbarrymore fting @strangerthingstv @santaclaritadiet

Sorry for what I watched when you were sleeping 😬

The first day back from the holidays does not constitute an emergency... OR DOES IT?

The Little Prince came down from his planet for the #roseparade in Pasadena, CA today 🌹

Snapchat is all of us today with these Netflix Day filters.

Need a lift home tonight?
via: @gilmoregirls

He's a total catch. @camerondallas #ChasingCameron now streaming, only on Netflix.

A #sense8 Christmas is now streaming.

Now kiss. #merrychristmas

He's making a list, and watching it twice.

Just not seeing enough. #TheOA

Joyce has had her decorations up since July. 🎄🙃 #StrangerThings

We're looking at you, @oitnb. 😳

Signs point to yes.

Chelsea's got an admirer. And it's not so secret. @camerondallas and pals now streaming on @chelseashow. #ChasingCameron arrives 12/27

Cut out of @prattprattpratt selfies, but never our hearts. #JLaw on @chelseashow this week.

#FullerHouse S2 is now streaming! Spoilers: it contains very good dogs.

There's no party like an @oitnb dinner party. Now streaming on @chelseashow.


Brunch in Stars Hollow. Via @alovelybean #GilmoreGirls

Tonight can't come soon enough. #GilmoreGirls

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for @brycedhoward and good ol' Mr. Rags. #BlackMirror

News: 3 new Dave Chappelle comedy specials, coming soon.

It's coming. For a sneak peak at the #FourSeasonsFestival check out our IG Story. And follow @gilmoregirls for live coverage from the red carpet tonight.

"I wrote this note to my younger self. Hope it helps." –@chelseahandler
From @thecrownnetflix Queen Elizabeth to Lilibet, @oitnb's Sophia to Marcus, @marvelsjessicajones to just Jessica, the women of Netflix share wisdom in these letters to their younger selves. #SheRules

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