Niko Naranja

Niko Naranja @my_real_name_is_clarence

Junior - Class of 2018
SC: naranja9

Five Guys #thebros

Lucky Lu... 😍😍😍 #LittleLucy #LuckyLu

You know when you regret having someone record you doing something ... This is one of those times @jonny_blan

A successful weekend. Tourni champs 👍😁

It's not just a jersey, it's my skin #hockey2017

Finally home 😏😊 #hockey2017

Feeling empty right now , going through old pictures of you guys to cope. come home soon please #feelingdepressed @christonaranja @naranhahaha @aking_pamilya

These are my neices... The cutest dang babies in this world 😍😊 #ImALuckyUncle Isabelle & Lucy

Life's good sometimes #noedit

It's not a sport it's a lifestyle, and I'm having hard time to cope without it... 2016-17 season I'm waiting for you #isitnovemberyet

Trow back tersday #standbyme

Nailed it

Diego Bear😄🐻

Cuz who needs love when you can play music. Valintines isnt going to make me lonely anymore. I'm Turning up the volume and forgetting the sad life I lead on this earth 😄

Although you piss us all off, happy bday bro @zanade27

Never knew so much joy could come from sliding on snow #boardin

Let's do this

Lmfao #😂

Everyday I spend my time playing this game, with no shame.

Some people tell me I should open my eyes, and I agree with them 100%

We walk this lonely road (ft. Deigo bear)

Paint me like one of your French girls

Probably the best picture on my iPod

So I've been making a lot of art lately, and I've been wanting to share it, so if you're not into that stuff don't follow my other account. But if you are go ahead😜 if you know anyone that may enjoy art share them this too @the_right_sided_brain

"You have the opportunity, take it, and run with it, because if you don't, someone else will" -Tim Desjardins I regret thinking that I have two more years of soccer, it gave me a reason to not be the best... And now that I know the circumstances, that my coach may not continue... I'm left with thoughts of, "why didn't I try harder. "

It Makes Me Wonder

Caption this ^ #yikes

Hahs go follow my handsome stud 😜 @jonnybisactuallyabumblebee (Jonny blanchette)

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