Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman @mstrooo6

Doing everything 'they' said I couldn't. With a smile and chip on my shoulder. Breaking stereotypes! #HDMH @jumpman23 @biosteelsports @HDMHApparel

Training session with Young Stro earlier today. 🙌🏾 #thefuture

Stay authentic in a world full of fakes.

Shout to @kilanijewellery for the amazing #HDMH piece and for always showing love. ⚡️

Climbing. @hdmhapparel

Never made a move out here unless I was certain.

Just another day. Form is always key. Climbing! @jumpman23 @hdmhapparel

Last night with one of the realest.

Inspired by the pioneers of society.

Flexibility is essential. #HDMH

I'm at where I'm at because I've stayed true to every individual that got me here. We're all at the table eating together. Only climbing up in 2017 with my day ones, from day one. Post-workout single leg RDL with 106lbs in each hand. Since they said I couldn't do it. Lol #HDMH

Young Stro already ahead of the curve and carrying the wave. @hdmhapparel

New year, same vision. #climb

Happy birthday to my momma, my heart, and my motivation. Love you ma. Looking forward to giving you more of the world in 2017! @behindgrneyes

Vibes up, never looking down.

Teaching my brother the wave. #HDMH

Keep climbing...shout to my sister @sabby_sabz for being the low-key paparazzi with all the pictures and videos she takes of me. Appreciate you! Lol @hdmhapparel

Climbing when nobody is watching. @hdmhapparel #HDMH

My girls.

Just going to continue to climb in 2017. No phony resolutions for me. Be real! @hdmhapparel #HDMH

Sugo. 🤘🏾#nostylistneeded

Signed a ton of cards for random orders of @HDMHApparel. Go order and be on the lookout. Link in bio! #HDMH

Support system behind all the smiles. @hdmhapparel

Home for the holidays. #NY

Life is experience. Napa Valley is amazing. See you next offseason! #CAYMUS

Makin' moves with my @jumpman23 family. #jordanbreakfastclub

BRAND NEW. Unisex 3/4 Raglan in Vintage Black with Silver Shimmer Ink. My favorite. Link in bio. Go get yours! @HDMHApparel #HDMH

Oregon Duck 14's and OVO 12's to support the brodie @russwest44 last night with my brother @mookiebetts! #HDMH @jumpman23

Court-side to see the triple-double/fashion king tonight.🤘🏾#WHYNOT @jumpman23

Prove 'em wrong, prove myself right. #HDMH

Smile on my face, best friend lookin' out for fakes.

Always smilin' and laughin' through adversity.

Can't explain my love for these dudes after coolin' with them all weekend. Shout to @davidortiz for the hospitality and unbelievable charity event. Check that kick-game though! 🔥 @jumpman23

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