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#ManhattanRecommends the #RegaloCocktail

Make: Bacardi 8, lemon juice, house-made earl grey tea syrup, lager, walnut bitters and orange peel
Style: Shaken
Taste: Sweet, sour and refreshing

With the tropical climate in the Philippines, spirits are enjoyed with ice cold beer or ice lemon tea. The concoction of the Regalo was created with bits of that drinking culture. Lemon juice and earl grey tea syrup represents the ice lemon tea, the walnut bitters represents the pulantan (nuts) typically served on the side, while beer completes the character and story of this refreshing drink.

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47:63 flat and you can #HaveARegalo
Can you beat @cedieboy.regalo's timing? Take on the #RegaloChallenge and be a part of his legacy! Simply tag your favourite bar/bartender, or accept the challenge yourself!
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1) You may do your mise en place of the orange peel and ribbon
2) You must use the correct ingredients and measurements - it must be obvious in the video
3) The cocktail must be presented accurately
4) Video must be shot in one take and unedited with stopwatch showing start and end time

WIN! A weekend accommodation for two at @regentsingapore, inclusive of Manhattan's adults-only cocktail brunch πŸ˜‰

How to make a #RegaloCocktail?

Build. Shake. Strain.

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We think this one is going to be awesome.
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Crystal Room
District: Central Park
Make: Lagavulin, crème de cacao, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white and mint leaves
Style: Shaken
Taste: Mint and chocolate

Its presentation is inspired by the fresh green garden beyond the surrounding glass windows of the crystal room. While chocolate and mint is known to go hand in hand, the hint of saltiness and briny taste of the Lagavulin creates a beautiful marriage of flavours in this cocktail.

And here's to another awesome year ahead! πŸŽ‰

Happy 2017!

One more day to 2017! Enjoy the best of 2016 cocktails and #HaveAregalo with @cedieboy.regalo!
Pssst.... Manhattan is open till 2 a.m. πŸŽ‰

Are we seeing you for a roaring countdown this Saturday?
Join the party at $100 which gets you a free flow of canapΓ©s from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

On the Γ  la carte menu will be the best of 2016 cocktails and Cedric's #bacardilegacy Regalo cocktail accompanied with sexy jazz tunes by Leandra & Leandra.

Senior Bartender @cedieboy.regalo will be behind the bar at @nutmegandclove with his homeboy, Kenneth Bandivas, for a one-night only shift. Drop by for his delicious #bacardilegacy Regalo cocktail and a great time! #HaveARegalo

"The place where you'll get a #Regalo whether you have been naughty or nice. πŸ˜‰ 100 regalo? My absolute pleasure!" - @cedieboy.regalo #HaveARegalo

'Tis the season for giving, so gather loved ones and friends, and enjoy this day by raising a glass of Senior Bartender @cedieboy.regalo's delicious #bacardilegacy cocktail - Regalo.
A Philippines native, this drink literally means 'to gift' in tagalog. Perfect for this joyous Christmas Day! πŸŽ„#HaveARegalo

Oh, what a party with Santa's crew πŸŽ‰πŸŽ„ πŸ“·: @upisingh7

A fun dunk and drink at Manhattan's Christmas Brunch. Don't let your gingerbread man run away! πŸ“·: @amy365chomps

"... I am positively gobsmacked, and stuffed, and not sure if I can go home on my own. Seriously worth every penny." - @larvitar
And that's how every #brunch experience should be, yes?

Awesome shot of our seafood selection at brunch - you get what you see. πŸ“·: @motomototravel

Excited to torch these meringues tomorrow! πŸ“·: @mvnkymandee

Greensward Plan
Make: Pisco, Moscato Nonino Grappa, lemon juice, simple syrup, green peas and a pinch of salt
District: Central Park
Style: Muddled and shaken
Taste: Fresh and vegetal

Pisco sour is technically an unaged brandy and this cocktail is Manhattan's interpretation of how a healthy cocktail could taste like - since it is made of fresh green peas, it is perfect for the health conscious!


Glasses lined up for #ManhattanOnTheGo at the #CLIAForum in London - our boys @philip.bischoff and @cedieboy representing #YourSingapore πŸ™ŒπŸ»

@cedieboy all smiles just yesterday at the #CLIAForum in London. Thank you for having us @visit_singapore (UK)! #ManhattanOnTheGo

Our favourite drink of the season. Nothing beats this warm glass of aromatic wine to warm up during this chilly and wet tropical winter. πŸ“·: @withrelish_sg

It was an honour to have you for our #FriendsofManhattan Series. Thanks for making a stop with your delicious drinks! πŸ“·: @charlieainsbury

Shisandra Berries
Taste: Sweet, sour, bitter, warm, and salty
Drink: Mad Dog

Native to Northern China, Russia, and parts of Korea, these berries are also known as Magnolia vines. Woody with oval pink leaves and bright red berries, these vines can be found in many fine gardens throughout the world. Its Chinese name wu-wei-zi, means five-taste fruit.
Shisandra has an unusual sour, sweet, bitter, warm, and salty taste, hence the name β€œfive taste”. Russian hunters have consumed it for centuries as a tea to help with fatigue.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Gab Carlos
Gab Carlos who?
Gab Carlos man, I've got your favourite drink in my hand

#Throwback to Athens ☺️

Cabbage-Cured Salmon Bagel
Make: Cabbage-cured salmon, braised red cabbage, cream cheese and bagel chip
District: Central Park
Taste: Savoury

Bagels are a popular American staple. Food carts with these favourite breakfast bites are aplenty at the entrances of Central Park; calling out to passer-bys on their morning commute. Here, we take a typical Smoked Salmon Bagel and gave it a Manhattan twist by curing smoked salmon with red-cabbage juice; giving it an intriguing purple hue. πŸ“·: @fundamentally_flawed

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First Day of Christmas
Make: Spiced pear, bourbon, lime juice, jagertee syrup and egg white
Style: Shaken
Taste: Refreshing, tangy with a hint of spice

Jagertee used in this drink is also used in one of New York's five most dangerous cocktails: The Crippler. Jagertee is similar to mulled wine, popular in central Europe. It is a favourite après-ski drink to keep warm or simply for a fun ride down the slopes. You can drink it on its own or mixed into a cocktail. Inspired by the song 'Twelve Days of Christmas'... so, what will your true love give on the first day of Christmas?

Rose Club
District: Central Park
Make: Four Roses single barrel bourbon, spiced pear liqueur, orange juice, grapefruit juice, French rose tincture, and champagne
Taste: Refreshing, bubbly, fruity and floral forward

A jazzy champagne cocktail, this is the only drink served in a black glass in Manhattan; a striking sophistication matching the club it was named after.

Rose Tincture
Make: Dried french roses, high-proof Boyd & Blair vodka
Taste: Strong, aromatic and dry
Drink: Rose Club, Central Park
#ImpressMeTips: Soaked for three days. Sweetness to the nose is extremely deceiving to the palate. A floral forward ingredient and the only floral tincture in Manhattan thus far. Although it smells lovely, this tincture is more suitable in a drink.

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