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Craig Sager - A beloved icon on the sideline, whose battle with leukemia never sidelined his fearless spirit. Mr. Sager was just inducted to the Broadcasting Hall of Fame on Tuesday. This speaks to his body of work and career of excellence. But when I reflect on greatness, I also think about character, how you lived your life, and how you treated others. Ask around and it doesn’t take long to learn that Mr. Sager was always full of life and love. It was infectious. In his triumphs and setbacks with fighting cancer, he remained a living example of how I aspire to live my life. He REMAINS a living example through his legacy. #RestInPower

lol say cheese, nothing but teeth || #Tbt in Melbourne, Australia with little man @madingking, future Luol Deng in the making. Invest time in the kids, they are the future.

Shoutout to @Hoops4hopeglobal for everything they do for the kids in Africa. #OneAfrica

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#repost @trayfour - Life is about the journey, not the destination. And my journey in the NBA has officially come to an end. Click the link in my bio to read my letter. Again, thank you everyone who has every cheered for me. Even those of you that rooted against me, thank you!!! You only pushed me to higher heights. #carpediem

Together. #WeWantPeace 🇸🇸

I just want to thank everyone who was a part of the Manute Bol tournament that took place in Juba, South Sudan put together by the Luol Deng Foundation. Through sports we show unity and strength, togetherness and will. We can show all the politicians in South Sudan that we want peace. Our youth is our future and our past is our foundation. Let’s give our youth a better tomorrow by settling our differences and work toward one South Sudan. #SouthSudanUnite #Sports #Youth

This is dope by @fredlozanojr, thanks for the love. D3N9. #Lakersnation

A sincere thank you to @marcelinhohuertas for giving me the number 9, means a lot. I'm excited to begin a new chapter with this legendary franchise. Purple & Gold. #Lakersnation

This made me smile. This is how I dance to every song. #Afrobeats

#repost: REPRESENTATION MATTERS..... Black Doll Maker Has Perfect Response After Ignorant Customer States Maisha Doll is ‘Too Dark’, ‘Least Selling’ “Sending lots of love to the beautiful dark skinned people out there, especially to those that share the same complexion as our #MaishaDoll just know that you black is beautiful,” she wrote. She also noted that Maisha is her second best-seller, contrary to what this customer assumed.

The original commenter’s beliefs are the exact reason why a doll as dark as Maisha needs to exist. There are plenty of little girls with the same complexion who feel empowered when they see themselves in their toys.
DOLLS BY @malabryan @malavilledolls
Model @nyamuoch_girwath

Respect the swag 🙌🏿

Another successful year for the @Dengtop50. So proud of how far it has come, and very proud of all the players for working so hard and believing in their dreams. Thank you to all the coaches and the staff that made it possible, especially @SJVear. Special thank you to Crystal Palace for allowing us to use the facility. Can't wait for next year. #StayReady


I had a great time hanging out with the City of London Academy girls team in NY, thanks to coach Jack and coach David Quartey for making this happen. Can't wait to see them all in London soon.

Follow the new DengTop50 account @dengtop50 #DENGTOP50 #StayReady

Very inspiring. 🇸🇸 (Pt. 2)

Very inspiring. 🇸🇸 (Pt. I)

Thank you to the @miamiheat for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a winning culture and first class organization. Thank you to the #Heatnation fanbase and the city of Miami for welcoming me in and showing me love. Such a beautiful city and rich culture. It's been an amazing two years, and the experience will stay with me as a special part of my journey.

Congratulations to @thonmaker. Very proud to see another South Sudanese in the league. Welcome to the NBA. #SouthSudanBasketball 🇸🇸


"I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want to be." - Muhammad Ali #RestInPower

Today is my birthday and I’d like to use that as an opportunity to direct your attention to the urgent crisis facing children and families in my native South Sudan. They need our help. I am launching the #SupportSouthSudan Crowdrise campaign (link in profile) today. My goal is to raise $100,000 by May to support @UNICEFUSA’s humanitarian relief efforts and save thousands of lives. Please join me & @LDENGF in showing our support to South Sudan. Every little bit helps and I’ll be personally matching the first $50,000 donated. Learn more here #SupportSouthSudan

Had fun shooting a video for #StandardLife with @andymurray. Had no idea he had some basketball skills, plus he's a huge Heat and Arsenal fan.

Happy Birthday to Bob Marley

Great to have world champion @lewishamilton at last night's game. Thanks for the support bruv. It's a London ting.

I love football and everyone knows @Arsenal is my team, but it was an honor to meet a legend @Cristiano. Much respect.

Thanks to @CourtCulture for hooking it up with the t-shirt

Very proud of my friend @ginadkariuki and the work her foundation is doing to help empower others. I support #unleashPink, early detection can save lives.

The new wave, #JUSTwater. You can get yours at Miami Whole Foods now

I believe that if we have the courage to choose unity over division, we can model the change we want to see in South Sudan. As a diaspora, our path to reconciliation and growth is through community building. Together, we have the power to affect many lives and change them for the better. #SouthSudanUnite

#repost @whitehouse: Luol Deng of the @MiamiHeat fled South Sudan as a child with his family and has been working tirelessly to end the conflict there ever since. Luol has directly engaged opposition and government leaders to lobby for a sustainable peace in the country. He's leading South Sudanese youth and the diaspora in advocating for unity with his South Sudan Unite initiative. That's why today, he met with President Obama in the Oval Office to discuss the situation in South Sudan. After the meeting, Luol said the President thanked him for his efforts and asked for his advice on how the United States can best support the peace agreement signed this week.

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