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Same shit, colder SundayπŸ˜‚

✌2016. Hello 2017!! Happy New Year!

Congratulations to my little sister @han_________nah. Graduating a semester early from Millikin University. So proud of you!! I'm excited to see what your future holds.

Saturday night I had the honor and pleasure attending my cousin's beautiful wedding reception at the Peabody. Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs Shocklee! @shocks86 @muse_milano

Last game of freshman year for this little one. @emdlieb so freakin proud of you words can't express it. Ill continue to be your biggest fan and you continue to kick ass. See you again soon super star.

A glimpse of my escape yesterday. Pups, jeeps, friends, and our toys. Respect mother nature and safety first!πŸ˜‰

Throw back 7 years. @jelstl @muh.lieb @hannahlieb

Card sleeve promotional freebies. Emergency Mobile Technicians.

A taste of my weekend #tomorrowworld

Happy birthday the best father and friend a boy could ask for. Although I see you all of once a year now, you have helped make me the man I am on a daily basis. Have a great week and hope to see you soon boss. @mattlga

Take me back #estespark #rmnp

Happy birthday Hannah Bannana. The next chapter of your life has begun and I know you will continue to amaze us all. Love you, have a great 20th.@han_________nah

Great time at the lake this weekend. Sun finally came out today and gave us an awesome memorial day. Thanks for the invite and photo credit to my buddy Dylan Shapiro.

Cancun. Great time with great people. Continuing to take myself new places and meet new people. Life's to short to slow down, but there is always time to take it all in. Life is good.

The one picture of my self , taken by myself, from my trip. Gunna have to live out there for a year or two at some point. Already ready to go back.

Another great day on top of the world.

Yes I took a selfie with my bad ass chick. I had a great time yesterday and well I do every day I spend with you. I can't believe your gunna be thousands of miles away from me for over a month. I know your going to give people much needed love and care. But I'm gunna miss you baby. I love you. @allitappana

Ahh so true #kcco

@allitappana couldn't have gotten me a better valentines gift. It's one of the most clever things I've ever seen. Love you Allicat happy valentines day.

I love my woman happy 2 years baby! @allitappana

Merry Christmas from me and my sexy woman @allitappana


My woman

#wcw my goofy gorgeous girl @allitappana

I just found this puppy who wants it

That Mark Twain guy tho

Desperate times call for desperate measures #badminton

Hey cute little sister I'm so proud of you! Have fun next year at millikin !! Love you congrats grad! @hannahlieb

Snipe @maleuson and Zipf #lifeproof

What better way to enjoy a Tennessee vacation than a coronarita. Thoughts of paradise. @allitappana

My gurrr @allitappana

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