Leo Wills II

Leo Wills II @leo_lebeau

From the City of Sinners
just out here on this mission with my 10 toes down.
R.I.P Nora Osman
R.I.P Granny "My Beautiful Angel" πŸ’›πŸ’›


Happy Birthday to one of my #1 ladies!.... thank you for bringing me into this world and raising me into the man I've become today. The hardest working person I know, never let anyone or anybody tell you something can't be done. Me and Mel are fortunate to have a mother like you, you show us unconditional love and you still look like this picture! Aging gracefully gyal! Love you Ma. @belizescorpio_simonep

I'm still alive.... Aha #haventbeenonhereinawhile

Enjoying these Cali nights..😌

#tbt #aboutaweekago this was my last night in Vegas. With my brothers 4 life, Were missing Collie, KC, Caleb, and Lino.

#RP My Brothers from another Mother #A1s

Church was good that day, been a min since I've went. My favorite dress shoes BTW young Stacy's my Granny gave me. Not a day goes by where she doesn't cross my mind. #MissUGranny yall be Blessed on this Friday. ✌

Was feeling good today playa
#s/oToMOMSforThatGoodLighting lol

Make her say

Happy 19th Birthday to my youngin!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I love you Francis, hope you have fun out there in Iowa and behave yourself shawty. #MyLilBIGWitch aha #MamaSheGettinToGrown #TakeMeBackToWhenSheWasLittle #MySisIsBEAUTIFUL #MamaWeThankYouForTheGenes πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

#TBT this past pool season at @daylightvegas with "Big B" on the left and the GOAT Mike Irvin on the right. Had a coo lil summer aha

Still can't believe it Granny, it's a hard thing to swallow but I know your beautiful soul is up there smiling down on us. We Love you and Miss you so much down here. I promise to make you proud Granny, Love D Man

Wish I could've been there to see u get on the plane but gotta get that $ but know that Im so PROUD of u Francis, feels like yesterday when we were little running around Grannys house or at Johnnies but now ur Grown nd about to start your life as a young adult nd there's no doubt in my mind your gonna be successful on the court nd more so off the court. Mama did a good job! everything u accomplished so far is only the beginning, I know there will be more Mel. I Love u so much Lil Giant, u are 1 of the 2 ppl I Love the most. Be humble, stay smart nd keep makin us PROUD! #offtoIOWA #AIB #ProudBigBrother


My #WCW proud of my Lil giant, 7 days away from graduating and beginning her life as a young adult. Been doin everything asked of her nd then some, in the classroom, on the court, in the gym etc. Love you Francis, this is just the beginning baby girl, its only gon get better. #ProudBigBrother



#WCW One of my #1 Ladies so proud of the young woman she's becoming. My little Giant growing up nd handling her business in the Classroom nd on the Court. Love u Mel keep it up!

Me and my messican homie @mr_shaka aha lookin like we shouldve been in GQ
#PURENightclub #Lexi21st #TeamDelivaaa 

Had to do it for my baby nd she loved it… A.M.W ξŠξ‚ξ„† #VDayWasASuccess

#TBT my young Somalian hitta nd HoneyBun, miss you shawty sucks a nigga cant call text or snapchat nd fuck with you nd talk shit. know youre up there smiling down on all of us, Love U Nora



Been up majority of the night/morning thinkin bout u shawty , eyes been heavy tryin to hold back the tears but I had to let the pain out. You really were my nigga dawg, first person I befriended when I got to Az, as the yr went by I told you so much about my life nd as did you, became close with u so fast, never a dull moment with you Nora, even when you would do so dumb shhhhii, I could never stay mad u would just smile nd say "heeeey" nd we would laugh. First person outside my family that ever gave a nigga sumn for his birthday nd I really cherished that. Only known u for a yr but I knew I had a friend/sister for a lifetime nd now u gone smh, it aint right but I know u up there watchin us……Ima od miss u nd I Love you Nora Snora my fav Somalian, Rest in peace shawty #Fantastic4

#TBT #SleepingBeautiesEdition Part 2…… dont fall asleep around ya boy

So true…

Indeed… ξ€Ž

last night..

Just got done puttin in that work at Golds with my #1 lady mom dukes

My Unc @tips333 just sent me this, pretty dope

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