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Along with my position as a Laker Girl, I also work at a local restaurant. Time to clock in! -Makayla #LGLivin

So happy to have spent my morning with local volunteers, renovating a high school, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day! -Makayla #LGLivin

It's a new week of #LGLivin ! I can't wait to share a glimpse of what it's like in my first season as a Laker Girl! -Makayla

Signing off on this week of #LGLivin ! -Raquel

Pre-game ritual. Let's go Lakers! -Raquel #LGLivin

Going over our notes and formations before today's court rehearsal. -Raquel #LGLivin

Happy #NationalHatDay !
Can't decide which hat to wear to the game today! -Raquel #LGLivin

What a great game tonight! Now, Julianne and I are winding down with a movie and popcorn! -Raquel #LGLivin

When the D-Fenders win in overtime 🙌🏼

D-Fenders game tonight! Let's go! -Raquel #LGLivin

I love to collect crystals! This morning I got to break open a geode! -Raquel #LGLivin

Tonight I'm supporting my dance team at their first basketball game of the season! I'm so excited to see them perform at halftime! -Raquel #LGLivin

I love having a sweet treat once in awhile, so today I stopped by my favorite cookie shop! -Raquel #LGLivin

It's a beautiful morning so Julianne and I decided to go for a run! -Raquel #LGLivin

A Thursday night thriller! #DFendersWin

Brought some sunshine on this rainy day to residents at a healthcare facility. 🌞

Let's Go D-Fenders! -Raquel #LGLivin

Hanging out with Frank for a little bit today! It was almost a year ago my family rescued him! -Raquel #LGLivin

Stay dry Lakers fans! -Raquel #LGLivin

My last stop tonight is the recording studio! It's been so fun learning how to mix new music that I can teach to! -Raquel #LGLivin

In addition to being a Laker Girl, I am also a high school dance coach! -Raquel #LGLivin

This morning I made homemade Gnocchi with my Noni! Her recipe is so delicious! -Raquel #LGLivin

I can't wait to start using my new Lakers lanyard from tonight's giveaway! -Raquel #LGLivin

Carpooled to the game with Michelle and Julianne! -Raquel #LGLivin

Here is the final product of my family project! It's a wishing well, and my first wish is for a Lakers win tonight! -Raquel #LGLivin

This morning I visited Eva and Pumpkin on my family's farm! They love fresh leaves! -Raquel #LGLivin

Alanna and I were also teammates in college! Tonight we stopped by practice to wish our old team luck before nationals! -Raquel #LGLivin

Picking fresh roses. The yellow ones are my favorite! -Raquel #LGLiving

This morning I helped work on a big family project. Stay tuned for the finished product! -Raquel #LGLivin

My first season as a Laker Girl has been incredible so far, and I'm sure this week will be no different! Time to get #LGLivin ! -Raquel

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