Bidemi @koaf001

Does it matter where am from, does it matter am someone else's son,all I know is I need some help,if you got it come and give it, I need your help to help me stand, please understand that am not too proud to beg when I need an extra leg, help me if you can.#insomniacanbesofrustrating#mybeautyqueenepitomeofbeautyandmyallinone😍😘❤💋💍😍

Christmas spirit is really shooting through my veins now 😍😍

Allah as been grate.

talking to someone with an open mind is seriously one of my favorite things because there’s never an end to what u can talk about and learn.#freeman

Treat her like you're still trying to win her. That's how you'll never lose her.


Owanbe tinz!

R-L Ope&Ayobola

Throwback with Ramat

Myself and Gihan😄

Culture is life.


Original me + I don't do fake me

Alhamdulillah,Allah as been good to me always😄😄😄


What a lovely day @work

I owe it all to Almighty Allah.

Self made...


HBD to me...

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