Kevin Clifton

Kevin Clifton @keviclifton

Professional Dancer - Strictly Come Dancing

More @mannphoto polaroid shots #leica #filmsnotdead

Loving @mannphoto latest work with polaroids. #leica #polaroid

Give us a follow on our new dance schools instagram @kandkdanceschool .Class 1 of our new course today with masterclass from @bbcstrictly champ @realjoanneclifton 😀

Another from the archives. When me and @karencliftonofficial first met. #OldSchoolKevi #BeforeStrictly #LongHair #gothicstyle

Me and @karencliftonofficial 5 years ago. Mean and moody!

Happy New Year Everyone! Smash 2017 in the face!

Loved it! #starwars

Off to watch Star Wars with @karencliftonofficial and @slaykaylee16

Some inspiration from the man himself.

Another pic from the genius @mannphoto .its this end of rehearsal, sweaty and exhausted feeling that i cant get enough of. @bbcstrictly #addicted

Old school @mannphoto shot

Counting down the hours til my last few dances with my wonderful partner @louiseredknapp

Just love this! Thanks @mannphoto for this picture. And thank you @louiseredknapp for everything . @bbcstrictly x

Hanging out with the musketeers before the @bbcstrictly final.

End of our training. @louiseredknapp thank you so much for everything. Whatever happens this weekend i feel lucky to have met you, danced with you and laughed with you. X

Another shot from the genius @mannphoto from @bbcstrictly training w @louiseredknapp . 'The calm before the storm'

Another @bbcstrictly rehearsal shot with @louiseredknapp from the genius that is @mannphoto

Thanks to the awesome @mannphoto for this pic

So proud of my stupid little sis @realjoanneclifton the @bbcstrictly final with @oreodubaofficial !

To one of the loveliest people ive ever met @louiseredknapp . Beyond proud!! Watching you grow through this series has been so wonderful.Thank u for everything. And thank u to everyone who voted to get us to the @bbcstrictly final. #overwhelmed

Another great shot from @mannphoto . @bbcstrictly training with my lovely partner @louiseredknapp 😀

After this moment of exhaustion @louiseredknapp runs each routine another 5 times back to back. @bbcstrictly @mannphoto #keepgoing #keepsweating #keepdancing

Another shot from @mannphoto from @bbcstrictly training yesterday. Exhausted after 13 hours of dancing w @louiseredknapp . #keepgoing #keepsweating #keepdancing

Thanks @mannphoto for this photo from @bbcstrictly training yesterday with my partner @louiseredknapp who has given everything shes got this week. So inspiring to work with. #keepsweating

13 hours later.... Exhausted, but @louiseredknapp as usual has given everything shes got for these 2 dances! Cant thank her enough. All we can do is give our best x @bbcstrictly

And finished for the day. So much respect for my partner @louiseredknapp . Danced her heart out for 13 hours..again. For everyone that has supported us we're giving everything we've got. #keepsweating @bbcstrictly

2 dance week begins today for @bbcstrictly semi finals . Lets do this partner ! @louiseredknapp

So proud. @louiseredknapp i love watching u improve and grow in confidence week on week. Thank u everyone for voting for us. Because of all of u we have found ourselves in the @bbcstrictly semi finals!!!!!!

Massive congrats to my lovely partner @louiseredknapp for making @bbcstrictly quarter finals. Thanks everyone for voting for us. So proud. Thank u for all the work u put in this week x

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