Karen Castaneda Roussell

Karen Castaneda Roussell @kcrel

Homemade vegetable soup today!!

Its an Italian sausage pasta bake day!!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl Laila who turns 24 today!

My grandson showing some love to his best bud!!

Nothing like a hot bowl of chicken soup!

Its a white beans and fried fish day!

Spanky staying warm!!

Finally my tree is up!!

Into watching some Scooby Doo!!

Halloween party at school!!

Enjoying a day with my grandson!!

Going out last night!!

Chicken pasta jambalaya in red sauce!

Nothing like my grandson asleep in my arms!

Enjoying a day at the pumpkin patch!!

My grandson watching some nick jr.

Relaxing just laying back!

My grandson taking a picture of us!

Making beef stir fry!

My grandson finally sleeping from having the stomach virus since 5:00a.m.

My lil man Carter!

Wonders of a straightener!

My grandson Carter and his new guns!

Opening day and my husband Adam shot a hog!

My babies Cami & Spanky!

My grandson makes my heart melt!

Such a beautiful animal!

Light lunch meal

Grilling time!

Hey mom had a blue drink!

Paw paws hunting buddy!

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