Karen  Armentano

Karen Armentano @karenarmentano

Dreamer 🌟 Traveller πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘œπŸ‘“



Other Half!

Your smile melts me!

Celebrity All Star Basketball Game at Oslob, Cebu!
@mattevans_13 @herrerajordan and the gang!



You will always be my FOREVER!


Happiness is a choice!

OsmeΓ±a Peak with Love!

You will always be my forever!

Hi @mr.cocomartin ! Meet your co-PALOMA :) Confidently beautiful with contacts!

Happy Birthday mego! Mao ra jud niy picture nimu nga naa ko, haha. Choi kay kas imung buhok :) God Bless!

Father and daughter bonding!😍😚

Smile my love!

Happy Sunday everyone!

She's sleeping on her duyan with her one foot out! :D Zzzz.

My BAE <3 @thejasonabalos @mang_tebans #josephbitangcol. Yees, naniniwala na ako na may Forever!

In behalf of Sir James & the DPWH Cebu 4th DEO family, i would like to thank you for giving us fun and enjoyment last night sa Alcoy! Salamat at dinala niyo ang kagwapohan niyo dito sa Cebu. We love you all! Sa uulitin. Oraaayt!

WORK is <3

I love you my precious one!

Good Morning Instagram! :D

Ang gwapo mo Jestoni Alarcon! :)

Thank you to Sir James Dellosa for bringing them. Ang gagwaapooo! All Star Basketball Game tonight @ Boljoon! See yah @jorossgamboa

Thank you Lord for this wonderful morning!

Appreciate every little thing you encounter each day.#nocrop #instamark #love #instagood #me #like #cute #follow #girl #followme #beautiful #happy #instamood


Hello work!

Let those pains and wounds be healed by your smile..

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