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Los Angeles
Sony A7R ii w/ 24-70 2.8 GM
Press on link below for info on my display February 16 in Hollywood

Dear Trump supporters on my feed, especially to the ones that agree with Trump's speech made at CIA headquarters about the media being full of lies. This is my social media and I can post whatever I want to post. If u don't like any opinions that I express, there is an "Unfollow" button that you can press. Have a good day 😜✌🏽

A lot of times I don't like to follow the crowd and just do my own thing in my own lil world. This is how I feel at times when all I am trying to do is just be me.......

United we stand, divided we fall - it's amazing what people can do when they find a common ground. Donald Trunp is now our president, and unfortunately we must live with it. Through these trying times, we must stand with our brothers n sisters to be united. God bless Murcia

Tryin my best to walk away

Two sides of the same story can be different
w\ @john.logic
Sony A7Rii
ISO 250 | f4.5 | 1/160

Some days are better then others - blessed to have my photos on display in Hollywood on Feb 16..... details in my bio

I never wish death on somebody cause there ain't coming back from that - Christopher Wallace / I think I'm used to the A7Rii now

I just want to hear your voice, to tell me that "everything will be alright"........

My first shots with the Sony A7Rii. Wanted to test the low light capabilities as well as seeing what customizable buttons I will need when I go shoot, it was great hanging out with @6amlosangeles @thehatemachine @positiveminds._ @xposure_photography and @ralphdigital_la

Trying to get to where I need to be

With everything happening today
You don't know whether you're coming or going
But you think that you're on your way
Life lined up on the mirror don't blow it, woo.
Look at me when I'm talking to you
You looking at me but I'm looking through you
I see the blood in your eyes
I see the love in disguise
I see the pain hidden in your pride
I see you're not satisfied
And I don't see nobody else
I see myself I'm looking at the... mirror on the wall

You can stay home on a Wednesday night, drink a beer or two, watch what's on the TV and just relax. U can just sit in front of the computer or look at ur Instagram for hours at a time admiring other people while u waste away..... or you can do something extraordinary

Claustrophobic - vocabulary game on lock 🙏🏽😏

Not even gravity can hold me down.

Kevin I fucken hate you...... happy New Years

YouTube video alert..... CLICK ON THE LINK ON MY PROFILE..... BTS of @bxjustin video and shoot..... and make sure to follow @bxjustin page to see full video. Shout out to @therdchild for providing the track to the video // My first project after moving back to LA, getting ready to get into more projects and to start taking video a bit more serious. Thank you to everyone who showed love and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year... one love... @kaotical24 out 🙏🏽

From NYC to East LA.... just having fun in life doing what I am meant to do // unknown tagger is actually known as @bxjustin

More then meets the eye wit leading lines

Life is a blur / spent the day donating at skid row..... thank u @cole_younger_ for setting it up

Just keep walking..... ain't nothing here to see

I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we haven't spoke in so long- Kanye /// This is the real Los Angeles, thousands n thousands of homeless people walk through Los Angeles and yet in this city they are overlooked and people act as if they don't exist

Dark days go away like rainstorms....... especially in Los Angeles

To live n die in LA........ this will always be my home, my culture, my world.... until next time, thank to everyone that welcomed me back.... I will be back

Sooo, I heard buying weed in California is legal...... umm I'm in California right now 🤔

Damn thangs gone change yoo

I just deleted the iPhone version of the shot..... but ayoo... Los Angeles, IM BACK FUCKER (dslr version)

It's all about elevating each other to the next level --- @paolo.fortades @eye.sick_ @john.logic

Head up in the clouds thinking of the possibilities of my imagination..... some say sky is the limit, imma say I'm not a human, but that I am a Martian

U bang wit dem Bloods, or you bang wit dem Crips- alternate reality flow

I don't ever wanna say my greatest accomplishment was achieved in the past. Take a second to think of what I just said

Get me on the court n I'm trouble, last week fucked around n I got a triple double - Hyped to be coming back home to LA 😏

One day my name will fade away

I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
And instead of using force
I guess I should've let you win
-Miley Cyrus 😂✌🏽😄🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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